Maduro Insists Right to Sell Gold as Turkey and Venezuela Create anti-US Alliance


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has called the US sanctions on his country “petty” and stressed that such measures will not impede gold trade with Turkey.

“It is very petty that it is intended, with an illegal sanction, to prevent Venezuela from producing gold and selling it to the world. Venezuela has no right to development?” the Venezuelan leader said in an interview.

The remarks were made during a press conference held during the first official visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Caribbean nation. Also highlighted was the legality and transparency of trade relations between the two countries.

During the declarations, the legality and transparency of trade relations between the two countries was highlighted.

“Venezuela and Turkey have sovereign, transparent and prosperous economic relations, and gold is a component of this relationship, we will continue this trade, we will sell gold, with the transparency and legality of our countries, nobody should get involved in this,” he added.

Maduro detailed that commercial agreements were signed during the meeting that took place in the Palace of Miraflores (headquarters of the Government of Venezuela, located in Caracas), where ministers and businessmen of both nations were present.

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“We foresee the development of our relationship by 2025, 2030 and beyond, and I have the security of the president, we are committed so that each of the things we sign up becomes a reality,” the leader added.

Last month the Bank of England recently declined to release Venezuela’s gold bars estimated at $550 million.

Hands Off Venezuela activist Jorge Martín commented on the issue saying this is a “very scandalous situation, because gold does not belong to the Bank of England or to the British government”.

“[Gold] belongs to Venezuela. They are basically holding back something that is not theirs.”

He added that many countries in the world “deposit their gold reserves in places where they are supposed to be safe”, and that it should not be the authorities who decide “the future use of this money.”

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