Maduro Prepares Venezuela’s Defenses Against Imperialist-backed Colombian Aggression


CARACAS, Venezuela – The Venezuelan head of state, Nicolás Maduro, said during the end of the year presidential salute to the Armed Forces that he ordered the country’s army to step up surveillance at border posts with Colombia.

“I have given express orders… to redouble the operational effort with all levels of strength that we have, to protect the border with Colombia, to fight the violence and crime that comes from there and to guarantee tranquility and peace,” said Maduro.

In addition, he claimed that the Colombian country is not able to defend its borders and thanked the Venezuelan forces in charge of protecting the limits of the country for the efforts made daily.

“A recognition of the Bolivarian National Guard in this huge border with Colombia of more than 2,200 kilometers, every day facing irregular groups, paramilitary groups, facing crime, drug trafficking and all the evils that come from Colombia because of an oligarchy that created a failed state in Colombia and is not able to protect its borders,” he commented.

During the annual speech, Maduro denounced that the “imperialist forces” are working with border nations of Venezuela with the purpose of destabilizing the country and overthrowing the president.

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Faced with such threats, the Venezuelan leader appealed to the people and the Armed Forces to remain on the alert before the day he will begin the new government period (2019-2025) on January 10.

Maduro said earlier this month that his opponents led by Washington tried to assassinate him and impose a dictatorship in the country. The Venezuelan president pointed to sanctions from the United States as the source of the five-year recession of the local economy.

He had also said that the Bolivarian militia already has 1.6 million members and that its main mission is to “defend” the national territory from what has been described as possible external aggression against the country, particularly from Brazil, Colombia or the United States.

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