Maduro Travels to Russia for ‘Very Important Meeting’ with Putin


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has left for Moscow, where he will hold a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and assured that at this meeting he will seek to increase trade between the two nations.

According to the Venezuelan president, he plans to hold “a very intense and very important meeting” with Putin on Tuesday.

“At this time, we are on our way to the Russian Federation to strengthen and expand our diplomatic relations and the bonds of friendship between the brother countries,” Maduro wrote on his Twitter.

Maduro visited Russia last year when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss bilateral cooperation as well as key issues on the international and regional agenda and attended the Russian Energy Week 2017 forum.

Russia has been supporting the sovereignty of Venezuela and arguing that the country must develop without external interference. Officials from both countries have been holding bilateral meetings at various levels to strengthen their ties.

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Venezuela has suffered for years an acute economic crisis and rampant inflation caused by the reduction of oil prices and US-led sanctions and destabilization.

Maduro yesterday also met with Turkish President Erdogan in Venezuela, consolidating an anti-US block. Although Turkey is a NATO member with the US, in recent years relations have soured with Ankara looking for new friends and is forging new relations with states such as Russia.

Maduro said at yesterdays meeting that “Venezuela and Turkey have sovereign, transparent and prosperous economic relations, and gold is a component of this relationship, we will continue this trade, we will sell gold, with the transparency and legality of our countries, nobody should get involved in this.”

Maduro detailed that commercial agreements were signed during the meeting that took place in the Palace of Miraflores (headquarters of the Government of Venezuela, located in Caracas), where ministers and businessmen of both nations were present.

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