MAJOR: Ukraine’s President Describes WAR Against Russia


KIEV, Ukraine – Commenting in an interview with Fox News for an incident in the Kirch Sea, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced that he had begun a “war” with Russia.

According to the Ukrainian president, the actions of Russian border guards represent aggression.

During an appearance Friday on “Fox News @ Night,” Poroshenko told host Shannon Bream he would like to see a major NATO presence in the Black Sea, where Russian forces in November shot at and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and captured 24 sailors.

“This is the act of aggression,” Poroshenko told Bream from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. “Mr. [Russian President Vladamir] Putin, this is a war and this is not a joke and not an incident and not a crisis because your regular forces under the Russian flag attacked in the international war the Ukrainian military vessels.”

However, regardless of these great words, there was no official announcement by Kiev about the war’s announcement.

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On November 25, three Ukrainian naval vessels illegally crossed the Russian state border floating from the Black Sea to the Kirch Straits. The ships carried dangerous maneuvers for several hours, not responding to the legal requirements of Russian border guards. The ships were then detained and all crew members were arrested, including members of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Poroshenko called the world’s reaction to the maritime incident “quite strong,” but called for sanctions against Moscow and a NATO presence in the Black Sea to deter Russian aggression.

“Nobody knows tomorrow where Putin [will] make a decision to protect Russian interests,” he said, adding that Ukraine needs military and technical upgrades — “including the supply the lethal weapons to help us to protect our country” from a possible ground operation.

The Russian lower house of parliament issued a statement, calling the move a “reckless and cynical attempt to change the situation in his [Poroshenko] favor and a desire to cling to power at any cost at the threat of a full-scale war.”

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