MAJOR: US Senator Wants to Provoke a WAR with Russia


WASHINGTON DC, The USA – US Senator John Barrasso said he would like to see more determined US and NATO actions against Russia in the case involving Ukraine.

In addition, Barrasso said the US president acted right by canceling the bilateral meeting with the Russian president, which was scheduled to take place during the G20 summit.

“Putin is somebody that respects strength and territory. Words don’t mean much to him. Action does, so I think we need to do more,” Barrasso said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The senator suggested sending US ships to the Black Sea, trying to encourage NATO to follow American steps, as a demonstration of force against Russia. In addition, Barrasso also suggested the additional shipment of antinavy weapons and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine.

Speaking to the US senator, the expert and director of the Institute for Strategic Studies, Grigory Tischenko, believes that NATO will not support the idea of ​​sending its ships to the Black Sea, according to The Hill newspaper.

Grigory Tishchenko emphasized that NATO is unlikely to decide on this step, as this would be a high-risk operation for both its forces and the countries of the region. Moreover, the decision would be a matter of concern and would have serious negative consequences for all concerned.

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He also points out that such an action would probably be only a desire of Ukraine itself, which would be trying to get NATO to resolve disputes they themselves made in defying provocations, by influencing the US senator to come up with his ideas.

This suspicion is generated by the fact that Ukraine has supporters in Congress and the US Senate, who have always defended the decisions of Kiev.

However, the Russian expert believes that the parties involved will have common sense and will not follow the advice of the US senator in support of Ukraine.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump decided to cancel the scheduled meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 summit in Argentina. The US president’s announcement came less than an hour after he said it was a “good time” to meet Putin but would make a decision after receiving a full report on the incident in the Kerch Strait.

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