MASS EVACUATION? US Allies to Flee Syria if Trump Commits to Withdrawal


BOSTON, The United States – Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria was classified as “correct” by Putin during the traditional end-of-year press conference held on Thursday. Fred Weir, Russia correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, based in Boston, commented on the situation.

Asked about the likelihood of the US really leaving Syria, Weir believes the decision seems final, especially from the White House, adding that “I think it’s completely useless for the United States to be there.”

There’s no doubt that they’ve played a big role in defeating ISIS [Daesh] there in the northeast of Syria, in conjunction with the Kurds they really have played a role there, and it may never be finished,” claimed the Christian Science Monitor journalist.

“Let’s face it, look at the last almost 20 years now in that part of the world, Islamist extremist groups keep popping back up. I’m not sure that the United States ever needed to be in Syria, but if defeating Daesh was the reason, it is pretty much done,” he continued.

Asked whether the US withdrawal from the Middle East would be a major blow to the Kurdish militia, the journalist said that it would certainly be hampered by the withdrawal and that “this would not be the first time the United States has betrayed the Kurds.”

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Regarding the negative impact on the American reputation, generated by the exit of the troops to the allies in the region, Weir considers that the USA is accustomed to having this type of attitude to leave and to escape when it is no longer convenient for the country, but that in fact such action”would be the best for almost everyone but the Kurds.

France has announced that it will remain in the country and maintain coalition participation, as the Daesh group has not been eliminated in the area. In reference to this, the journalist claims that it is “the United States that provides the infrastructure and the diplomatic cover for that whole operation in Syria, that so-called “coalition operation”, and if the Americans leave I don’t think any of their friends will say.”

Regarding the impasse in the ties between Russia and England, quoted by Putin during the press conference, the correspondent claims that “there is a certain level of anti-Russian sentiment in the United Kingdom and if you open The Daily Mail or The Mirror or the Express on any given day, you will find plenty of evidence of how there is this mood, certainly in wide sections of the British establishment. I’m not sure what purposes it serves, but it is ingrained deeply, it’s not going to change under the current government, that’s for sure.”

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