Moscow Slams Washington’s Latin American Puppets For Begrudging Russian-Venezuelan Military Ties


MOSCOW, Russia – Earlier, the Organization of American States (OAS) expressed concern in connection with the deployment of Russian military aircraft to Venezuela.

“The OAS General Secretariat notes, with the greatest concern, the news coming from Venezuela about the possibility that aircraft capable of using nuclear weapons from Russia are in their territory,” reads the statement.

According to the OAS, the presence of the military mission in question in Venezuelan territory violates the Constitution of Venezuela because it has not been authorized by the National Assembly, in addition to violating “fundamental norms of international law.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the OAS statement.

“In connection with the statement made on the OAS website […] regarding the flight to Venezuela of two Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, which may carry nuclear weapons, we would like to respond to the following: the Russian Federation strictly complies and completes its obligations under the Additional Protocol II to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Treaty of Tlatelolco), which establishes legal guarantees that exclude the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons,” reads the commentary of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The chancellery added that the “flight of Russian strategic bombers to Venezuela does not violate the Treaty in any way.”

In addition, the ministry said it regretted that “the OAS leadership uses its statute to disseminate false and fabricated information about Russia’s policy in the Latin American region in the highly likely” style.

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“We can not accept that a regional structure as respectable as the OAS make political statements that aims objectively to create an atmosphere of distrust in relations between Russia and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean,” reads the comment.

“In this way, the collaboration between Russia and the organization itself, with which our country, as a permanent observer, has been developing a constructive interaction in different areas over the last years, is undermined voluntarily or involuntarily,” said the chancellery

Previously, two Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, an An-124 freighter and a long-range aircraft Il-62 of the Russian Aerospace Force landed in Venezuela to participate in the joint maneuvers.

Colombian President Ivan Duque expressed concern about the flight, suggesting that the measure was not friendly.

According to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, visits by military planes from other countries will continue. Maduro said that the flight of the Russian planes is part of the plans of collaboration between Russia and Venezuela. Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that no one in the world should be afraid of the presence of Russian planes in the country.

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