NATO Increases Presence of Strategic Weapons Near Russian Borders


MOSCOW, Russia – In recent times, the US and NATO have been increasing the deployment of strategic weapons near Russia’s borders, said Admiral Vladimir Korolev, chief of the navy’s General Staff, quoted by the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

The US and military alliance have increased the intensity of operational readiness along Russia’s borders. In addition, the Admiral revealed that Western countries have installed American naval air defense systems, conventional high-precision strategic systems and military infrastructure facilities in waters adjacent to Russian borders, Korolev told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

However, the military commander stressed that the amount of Russian navy forces in international waters makes it possible to exclude any threat from the sea.

“Russian navy forces will be present in important regions of the oceans in the amount set to eliminate any threat from the seas or oceans,” he told reporters at the meeting of the Coordinating Council of Russian Navy veterans’ organizations.

According to Korolev, now “the Russian naval presence is assured by about 100 warships of various classes.”

The Admiral added that in 2019 the Russian navy will continue to be strengthened so as to “ensure, along with other branches of the Russian Armed Forces, strategic and nuclear strategic containment and the pursuit of the Russian Federation’s national interests in the oceans.”

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Meanwhile, the new Gromky Russian corvette project 20380 is a deadly warship representing the future of the Russian Navy, according to The National Interest magazine.

In recent months, the ship has undergone a series of tests, which means the Navy is preparing it for combat readiness until 2019, writes article author Mark Episkopos.

Gromky’s commissioning reflects Russia’s efforts to “strengthen the naval presence in East Asia.”
In addition, Episkopos notes the merits of corvette armament, especially the anti-X-35 Uran missiles and the Ka-27 anti-aircraft helicopter.

Previously, Rear Admiral Igor Korolev, deputy commander of the Pacific Fleet, has classified the corvette as the most economical ship in the history of the Russian Navy, capable of sailing in any ocean areas, including the coast of Australia.

The Gromky Corvette entered the service of the Pacific Fleet on December 25. It is the second ship of the project 20380. It has a length of 104.5 meters, width of 13 meters and displacement of 2.2 thousand tons with the maximum speed of up to 27 knots.

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