NATO To Up Funding of Ukrainian Military, Antagonize Russia


KIEV, Ukraine – Several NATO countries have decided to allocate additional investments to the trust funds through which Ukraine receives military assistance.

This information was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze, after the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission at the level of ambassadors, reports Ukrinform agency .

“Several countries even announced today that they add additional resources to our programs, or to trust funds,” he said.

In particular, according to the policy, Norway has already announced the decision to provide additional 140,000 euros for the professional development program of NATO. In addition, the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic also signed a decree on the allocation of additional funds to the logistics trust fund.

Germany also confirmed that it would make an additional contribution to the trust fund for the medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian military personnel, added the deputy prime minister.

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According to her, this is so the trust funds to support Ukraine will be filled by more than 100 percent.

Ukraine is not a NATO member country, but has shown interest in joining the Alliance, which has moved slowly eastward since the end of communism in Eastern Europe. Ukraine’s interest in NATO has been increasing since 2014 when the pro-Western right-wing government came to power after then-President Viktor Yanukovych withdrew a proposed trade agreement with the European Union in favor of an alternative but fairer agreement with Russia.

Earlier, US national security adviser John Bolton, upon returning from Kiev, told Reuters that Ukraine has advanced in its efforts to join NATO, however, there is much work to be done.

Bolton stressed to reporters that it is dangerous not to solve the crisis in Ukraine, referring to the referendum vote in the Republic of Crimea in 2014 to join Russia and leave Ukraine. The referendum was done according to international law standards.

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