Neo-Nazi Azov’s Leader Biletsky is On the Path to Power in Ukraine

By Alexander Alexandrovsky 


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Events show that it is not at all interesting for Biletsky to participate in such a nationalist project, where “shot down pilots” from “Svoboda” [‘Freedom’ a U.S backed neo-nazi org in Ukraine, connected to Radio Freedom – ed J. Flores] will play the first violin.

It was easy to predict Biletsky’s reaction to the decision of five nationalist organizations (Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, C14) to push the former deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Secretariat of VO “Svoboda” Ruslan Koshulinsky presidential candidate. Biletsky reacted to them as losers who conceived of using a more lucky partner in an enterprise that was doomed to failure.

The ambitious and energetic “white leader” is not going to play second fiddle to the “Svobodovets” already wearing thin. Of course, the unification of nationalist organizations could be interesting for Biletsky, if it were he who could be pegged as the single candidate in the presidential race.

VO Svoboda is an example of how a nationalist party, which has a parliamentary faction under the “gangster government” (largely thanks to the “gray cardinals” and political strategists of the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the ideological voluntarism of the “Party of Regions”), turned into marginal victory. And vice versa, the “white leader” is an example of how the leader of marginal neo-Nazi organizations, who was in prison during the coup, after the victory of the Maidan, for several months, through the efforts of serious uncles from law enforcement agencies, turned into a project that opened new opportunities.

From Biletsky they began to mold the Ukrainian Ernst Röhm. It was to him that the advisers to the Minister of the Interior, Anton Gerashchenko and Zoryan Shkiryak, were singled out during the 2014 parliamentary elections. At that time, it was still not clear whether Biletsky would pass political vettting, would he settle down, or whether he would train himself to conduct himself publicly in a certain way. 

Inadequate banderists like “svobodovets” Miroshnichenko or nazi Karas from C14 known for street terror, dirty activities are easy to find. If Biletsky had finally become like them, then the participation in his promotion of the advisers of the Minister of the Interior would have been easy to explain: Gerashchenko and Shkiryak are stupid clowns themselves, so this is our result.

But Biletsky reached a new qualitative level. If odious felons from Tornado, Aidar battalions and other units were written off for scrap, the powers that be were able to reformat the so-called “Azov” movement into the right kind.

Episodic anxiety in the West about the “wolf hooks” and the Nazi principles of “Azov” did not become a problem for the Biletsky fighters. Someone from their creators and active participants of “Azov” was not counted (I already wrote about this). And after – the rebranding of organizations that Biletsky seized, in the process of which he gradually led his “attack aircraft” out of the fair accusations of neo-Nazism. Literate flashing of the external form, skillful disguise of the true content – and … no one has seen the Nazis. Military-patriotic education of youth, animal protection, the fight against drug trafficking and gambling business … 

In general, everything is for people.



Ukraine’s prostitution epidemic is a serious problem. Through the efforts of professional operators, the marches of the National Brigades and the National Corps consolidated the image of the new force, the carriers of the “new order” in the minds of the Ukrainian inhabitant, who can complain about drug dealers, raiders, dubious developers.

“Green Street” was not opened to a single Andrei Biletsky or the organization “Patriots of Ukraine”. The road was opened to a long-playing right-wing project that can finally turn Ukraine into a laboratory for removing the hybrid from the political Ukrainians, integral nationalism and the wolf hook.

Why in Europe and the United States quickly turned a blind eye to the overt Nazism of “Azov”? Yes, because it is precisely this unit and the National Corps and the National Friends that are related to it are most suitable for militarizing Ukraine and winding up military hysteria, for establishing a “new order” in stages, where dissent will be driven into leper colony, a ghetto or a concentration camp – depending election results. 

No matter who the president is, Poroshenko, replaced by Tymoshenko or someone else, the project of a “new order” will be ready to offer itself, and they will be gladly used. So, any new government in Ukraine used ready-made corruption schemes for its predecessors.

Today, the political corpse Poroshenko quotes Khvylovy, a Ukrainian security officer, “Get away from Moscow!”. 

But this corpse will be a thing of the past, and the project of a “new order”, molded from political Ukrainians and Nazism, will work for this result: “Get out of Moscow!”. 

The history of the neo-Nazi organizations “Patriot of Ukraine” and the SNA in the spring of 2014, after the shooting at Rymarskaya in Kharkov, could have taken shape as the law requires. And then the group from Rymarskaya together with Biletsky would be in prison. This story could be formed according to the laws and logic of the post-revolutionary time. And then they could have cleared Biletsky just as Alexander Muzychko. But, unlike Sasha Bilogo, the “white leader” passed the “casting”. 

In the spring of 2014, the SBU, headed by Nalyvaichenko, was already coordinated by overseas colleagues. And, apparently, Biletsky stuck on for the long term.

The “White Leader” was skillfully removed from a marginal field, in which such human dregs as C14 remain. Marginal power and security forces also find application, give them “delicate assignments”, allow pogroms and reprisals against unwanted ones. For the time being, C14 militants are covered up, saved from criminal responsibility and a prison that has been crying for them for a long time. They are even fed from the budget. In the summer of this year, the Nazis from C14, who were “made famous” by the pogroms on the Roma camps, received from the Ministry of Youth and Sports 440 thousand hryvnias for “national-patriotic education.” But the militants of C14 and similar organizations look like poisonous insects and reptiles in comparison with Biletsky, to whom serious handlers assign the role of a predator.

Today, the “white leader” is not interested in small handouts. Moreover, it would be of no interest to him to run errands for “Svoboda” with its candidate Koshulinsky. Biletsky is in anticipation of serious proposals from serious handlers. It is worth playing along with the wrong player who is guaranteed to fake the game. Big time operators still bargain themselves, calculate options, lay eggs in different baskets. But Biletsky could be interesting, for example, the option of entering the parliament is no longer a lone majoritarian wolf, but a group of “twin cities” inside a solid faction.

It has become a common place: to remind how and when Avakov gave a blank check to Azov. For the “Azovs” it has become commonplace – to refute from Avakov’s patronage. But relations between Poroshenko and Biletsky may be much more interesting.



Sudden and intriguing, against the backdrop of predictions that Poroshenko can only get into the second round by a miracle, there seems to be an option in which Biletsky with the National Corps and National friends  (Нацкорпусом and the Нацдружинами – ed J. Flores) would play along with the incumbent president. It is not so important whether Biletsky himself will participate in the first round and fight for 0.1-1% of the votes. It is important what a bold piece can be offered to the “white leader”, what development the right-wing nationalist project can get if Poroshenko wins. If you think about it, now the “National Corps”, which is actively working with young people in schools, is implementing the President’s manic theses about “remaining vigilant” and “Targeting Moscow”. They have common interests. The military achievements implemented by Azov within the framework of the Concept of the Ukrainian Army of the Future are ahead of the so-called reform carried out by the military department.

To use well-organized and well-coordinated structures of Biletsky in his presidential cabinet, Poroshenko can, without soliciting direct support from them, which would look like “aimless shilling” for the “Azov movement”. You can use them smarter: for example, to disrupt the election campaign of Tymoshenko in the field. “National friends” arm with two or three main powder-raising and theses: Yulya = Medvedchuk and Putin , etc. And set them against the election headquarters of the “pro-Kremlin” candidate Tymoshenko – to do the usual thing: blocking, pogroms, physical suggestion.

However, Tymoshenko is also interested in persuading Biletsky to his side, promising him something “fatter” or faster than Poroshenko does. With the “white leader” she can also have common themes: I, like you, demanded the introduction of martial law four years ago, and not just now.

Hungry wolves from the “National Corps” and “National Friends” still remain silent. But Biletsky competently engaged in the promotion of their organizations. Their activity this year is as if they had already started someone’s election campaign.

Why do we analyze all these circumstances in detail? In this positional fuss there are no ours, there are no healthy forces. The natural reaction of our man, not poisoned by the Maidan stench: eat each other. But the other is important. They can eat each other for as long as they want. At the same time the Nazis have long been launched into schools. They are given a national-patriotic education. Teenagers go to their gyms



The list of shares held this year by the National Corps and the National Guards is quite impressive. They hold All-Ukrainian sports competitions and flash mobs for children under Nazi slogans. Opened in Kharkov nationalist hub with sports sections. Launch the project on women’s self-defense “White Angels”. A rehabilitation center is being opened for the participants of the “Bratsk Citadel” ATO at the Kharkov youth sports school. Conduct the so-called “lessons of courage” in schools.

Even people unfamiliar with this issue probably came across video frames from children’s camps, where the “Azovs” deal with school children.

You can continue to pretend that we in Russia are not concerned. It concerns us. Just one example. The video clip of the BRUTTO group by Sergei Mikhalka, dedicated to Azov, has millions of views in YouTube alone. It is watched by teenagers and young people not only in Ukraine, but also in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. This song Mikhalok performs at concerts in Belarus. What qualitative antidote can be offered to the youth of Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, part of Donbass, remaining under the Ukrainian military administrations? Perhaps the film by Vladimir Bortko about the war in the Donbass, for which the state has not allocated money?

Nazi propaganda works with the Russian youth, with the Russian people in the east of Ukraine more actively than we do. And taking into account the isolation of these territories from the Russian world, we, on the contrary, should appeal to the Russian people several times, ten times more powerfully.

A resident of Ukraine can not see Russian films, high-quality television programs. We did not make it easier for him. Clip Michalka, glorifying Harry’s “Azov”, is much easier to find on the net than the film “The Legend of the Kolovrat”.

“White leader” Andrei Biletsky is still silent about his political plans. But he has been talking to your children for a long time.


from – translated by and for FRN

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