New Poll: 66% of Russians Feel ‘Nostalgia’ for USSR


More and more Russians are nostalgic for the Soviet Union. This is evidenced by data from the survey “Levada Center.”

More than 66% of respondents stated that they feel nostalgic about the times of the USSR. This is a record share of “bored in the USSR” over the past 18 years. At the same time, the number of those who do not regret the collapse of the USSR a year has fallen to its lowest level since 2005 – to 25%.

And the key reason that makes people regret the collapse of the Soviet Union is economic. 52% of respondents say that “a single economic system was destroyed.” 

According to experts of the Levada Center, such a formulation is connected with the fact that Russians are concerned about the problems of economic well-being and current consumption.

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During the crisis, real incomes of the population collapsed by 12%, and in 2018, despite the rise in oil prices, they were able to compensate for less than one-tenth of the collapse, which had become unprecedented since the early 1990s.

Another 36% explained the craving for the USSR “a lost sense of belonging to a great power.” Almost as many – 31% – wrote off nostalgia on the unhealthy situation in the current society, where “mutual mistrust and bitterness” have increased, which, in their opinion, under the Soviet Union did not exist.

One out of every four regrets the loss of territories, which gave “a feeling that you are everywhere at home.”

Russians between the ages of 18 and 24 are the only age group where the “nostalgia index” in the period 2002–2018 was below 100, that is, the share of “regrets” was less than those who are more disinterested in the collapse of the USSR.

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