On The Road to Modernization: Russian Navy Strengthens its Aviation to DESTROY All Threats


MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian navy is expected to receive by the end of 2019 the amphibious Be-200 aircraft and has modernized almost half of its fleet of helicopters, naval aviation commander Igor Kozhin said on Monday.

“By the end of the 2019 school year, we must receive Be-200 amphibious aircrafts, which will be used as rescue and firefighting aircraft,” the major general told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

In addition, Kozhin reported that by 2030, the country’s navy will receive new fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft in the context of the modernization of the air fleet.

In 2018, the Russian Navy updated almost half of its helicopter fleet, replacing the Ka-27s with the new Ka-27Ms. The newly delivered helicopters are at the same time being equipped with modern technological devices, according to the military.

Tactical-operational aviation is also being re-equipped, with the Navy receiving a dozen SU-30SM multifunction fighters.

This comes as the Russian Aerospace Force has commissioned another aircraft equipped with the A-50U airborne warning and control system (AWACS), the Beriev aircraft news service reported.

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According to the statement, after conducting all necessary tests, the electronic radar airborne surveillance aircraft was delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force and successfully completed the flight from the Russian city of Taganrog to its permanent base location.

It is noted that the new modification of the A-50U has a system of radars with improved characteristics, which has become lighter due to the new hardware components. In addition, the working conditions of the aircraft crew have been improved.

The A-50U is designed for the detection and tracking of air, ground and sea targets, alerting in advance the automated command posts of the Armed Forces. The aircraft also controls and supports fighters and bombers during military operations.

After modification, the aircraft’s range of flight has been improved and the number of targets matched simultaneously has increased. In addition, the A-50U was equipped with the radar system with digital signal processing.

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