Over 350 People Detained During Saturday’s Yellow Vest Protest in France


More than 350 people were detained in France last Saturday during a rally of yellow vests. This was reported by France’s BFMTV channel on December 16th.

A total of 351 demonstrators were detained by police, 242 of them were detained. In Paris alone, 179 arrests were made. 144 people were arrested.

Mass protests in France began in mid-November due to the authorities’ intention to raise the price of gasoline and diesel fuel. Protesters take to the streets in reflective yellow vests, which are an attribute of French drivers.

On December 5th, the authorities met the demonstrators and imposed a six-month moratorium on gasoline and fuel price increases. Five days later, Macron declared a state of emergency in the country, demanded that the government and parliament restructure their work and announced that from 2019 the minimum wage in France would increase by € 100.

It is noteworthy that the detained 120 people and 86 arrested were captured preventively; the formal reason was “participation in a meeting to commit violence”.

According to the channel, about 33.5 thousand people take part in the protests in France, of which 2.2 thousand are in Paris.

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And in Lyon, the protesters diluted yellow with red: Lyon communists (and there are some like REM) for the fifth week of protests took to the streets with red banners with a hammer and sickle – the eternal symbol of oppressed workers and peasants.

“As long as exploiters exist, we will be exploited, while employers fill their pockets with our foreheads, we will not have either dignity or freedom.

The only solution is revolution! The seizure of power by the working class, the workers. We alone produce wealth, we alone can decide how it should be distributed. 

For a society of work, dignity and peace. For socialism! One way, one fist: organize your anger! The class struggle against the class! ”- says in the group of Lyon red on Facebook.

In the meantime, thousands of policemen and special equipment are being forced into the capital of France to stop the “yellow vests” protest.

“About 8 thousand policemen and armored special vehicles will be engaged in law enforcement in Paris,” said the head of the national police, Michel Delpech.


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