Putin Slams Poroshenko’s State Intervention in Church Life, Fears Bloody Outcome


During the 14th annual press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the situation with the formation of the so-called autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine a case of state intervention in church life. On this December 20th, reports RIA Novosti .

“Unfortunately, in Ukraine they have now created a united splitting church of the Istanbul parish. See what kind of dependence comes from Turkey. There are appointments, and, most importantly, money. I think this is the main motive of Bartholomew – to subjugate this territory, and then also gain it, ” the president said.

Putin also stressed that the creation of an autocephalous church is politically motivated. “This is being done on the eve of an election campaign and in order to further break between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. There is nothing good for religious freedoms in general, ”he said.

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The Russian leader expressed his fears that behind the gross “violation of religious freedoms” there could be a redistribution of property that would become difficult, if not “bloody,”

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