Rouhani: Era of U.S Dictates Has Come to an End


TEHRAN, Iran – Today Iranian president Rouhani, made a significant statement, reflecting the recent changes to the global arrangement. As U.S power declines internationally, it loses its ability to force other countries to submit to its own foreign policy needs.

“The era of US dictates has come to an end, Washington is no longer able to impose its policy in the Middle East region”. This was announced on Wednesday by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, speaking in Tehran before leaving for an official visit to Turkey.


“Most of our neighbors, including Turkey, made it clear to America that the era of political dictate by the United States has come to an end. Washington is no longer able to impose its will in a region that is thousands of kilometers away from it,” Rouhani was quoted on the official website of the president of Iran.

According to the politician, Tehran considers “Turkey as a friendly and influential regional player.” “In recent months, the country’s president, Tayyip Erdogan, has taken a decisive and constructive stand against the US sanctions plot against Iran,” Rouhani added.

The Iranian President noted that “during the visit, bilateral talks will be held on regional and international issues.” “We will also touch on issues of economic cooperation, including cooperation in the banking, trade and energy sectors, we will sign the relevant agreements,” he stressed. According to Rouhani, “today the trade turnover between Turkey and Iran is about $ 10 billion, and the parties agreed to increase it to $ 30 billion.”

On December 19th, Hassan Rouhani left for a two-day official visit to Turkey at the invitation of the country’s leader, Tayyip Erdogan. One of the main objectives of the visit is to hold the fifth meeting of the Council of Cooperation of the highest level between Iran and Turkey.

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