Russia Builds Project to Develop Multiple Rocket Launcher for Ships


MOSCOW, Russia – A new ship-based rocket launcher (LMF) project was created by Russia, said Sergei Abramov, industrial director of Rostec’s conventional arms, ammunition and specialty chemicals department, in an interview.

“We have a new ship-based LMF project, and there are new developments in the area of ​​projectiles for these systems as well as in the sphere of bombs,” Abramov said.

In the case of ammunition for the LMF in question, he pointed out unguided projectile with highly explosive fragmentation warhead and new unguided projectile with cumulative warheads.

Abramov also recalled that in 2017 the series production of the new Zagon-2 antisubmarine pump was started, which is highly silent and can spend up to four minutes suspended on the surface of the sea.

The industrial director revealed that a new, more efficient projectile for aircraft is being developed. Abramov also added that the Russian Ministry of Defense analyzes the effectiveness of the news through the experience gained in military operations in Syria.

As a result, noted Abramov, Russian armament showed no serious problem, and minor modifications were carried out by Russian combat specialists.

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The Russian Armed Forces possess a wide range of modern weaponry, almost all major types of Russian army armament have been seriously refurbished, Andrei Kokoshin, a former secretary of the Russian Security Council, said.

Earlier, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia overtakes every country in the world by the proportion of modern weapons in its army. Today, according to him, 61.5% of the equipment in the Armed Forces of Russia is modern.

“The Russian Armed Forces has really reached a new level of equipment with the most modern weapons in recent years, and in a very wide range,” Kokoshin said.

According to him, strategic nuclear forces, the missile attack warning system, as well as general purpose forces, armored material and multiple rocket launchers have been seriously renewed recently.

“This is especially true for the air component, attack aviation, which can operate in a variety of conditions and solve a very wide range of tasks. This also applies to military helicopters,” added Kokoshin.

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