Russia Has TOPPLED Dominant US Role in Middle East


MOSCOW, Russia – Despite the US economic, military and technological advantages over Russia, it is often possible to see that it is precisely Moscow that acts as a mediator in the Middle East, writes The Washington Post newspaper, adding that Russia thus undermines Washington’s dominant role in the region.

After 30 years since the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the United States becoming the undisputed superpower in the Middle East, Russia, reborn, has returned to the region.

According to The Washington Post, under the personal leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country is filling the void that emerged after the Obama administration lost interest and due to the unpredictability of the current trustee, Donald Trump. All this questions and even undermines US dominance in the region.

While Russian companies have signed billions worth of contracts with their partners in the Middle East, the authoritarian leaders of the countries in the region are increasingly doubtful about Washington’s dedication to the Middle East, especially as they look towards the strong and imperative figure of the Russian president, says the article’s author Liz Sly.

According to the issue, the Russian “military intervention” in Syria in 2015 became the most important step that brought the most significant support to Putin, increasing his prestige as a successful leader. In addition, this allowed Putin to be at the junction point of several conflicts that intersect and affect the region.

At the same time, the newspaper notes that over the course of this year several Middle Eastern leaders, especially Donald Trump’s allies who receive US financial or military support, had meetings with the Russian president, thanks to which he obtained even more means of influence.

In conclusion, the author of the article emphasizes that until today Washington continues having enormous economic, military and technological advantages over Moscow. However, it is clear that it is Russia that solves the problems in a region hit by crises.

“Russia has managed to create the perception in the Middle East that it is more powerful, more capable and more relevant than the United States. It’s not how much power you have. It’s how you use it. The United States has all these troops and bases, and Russia has a fraction of that. But Russia uses its power more effectively,” said the specialist in the Middle East and Persian Gulf Military Review Institute, Riad Kahwaji.

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