Russia Reveals the Number of Terrorists EXTERMINATED in Syria in 2018


DAMASCUS, Syria – Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov has commented on the results of the anti-terrorist operations in Syria in 2018 and the new radar field on the Russian borders.

More than 23,000 terrorists killed

In 2018, Syrian government forces, which gained significant military experience under the direction of Russian military advisers, took control of the de-escalating areas of Eastern Ghouta, Homs and the South, the Russian Chief of Staff said.

“[During the operations] more than 23,000 terrorists were eliminated. 387 villages of Islamist radicals were liberated,” Gerasimov said.

In addition, more than 230,000 people were withdrawn from de-escalating areas through humanitarian corridors without casualties among civilians and moderate Syrian opposition groups. More than 40,000 fighters from moderate armed opposition groups have joined the Syrian army, Gerasimov added.

The military recalled that the active phase of the operation to liquidate ISIS in Syria ended in December last year and that today the militants remain only in the region east of the Euphrates River, a territory mostly controlled by the United States.

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Powerful radar field

Among other equipment and weapons of the Russian Army, Gerasimov reported that Russia has finalized full radar coverage of its borders.

The radar field will ensure the detection of ballistic missiles coming from all directions and following any type of trajectory, said the military in a briefing before military attachés from foreign countries.

The general also mentioned NATO’s growing military presence near Russian borders, in particular the installation of missile defense systems, commenting that under these conditions the country takes all necessary measures to ensure the military security of the state.

Despite this, NATO continues to aggressively move towards Russia’s border, claiming it is in self-defense, but rather, we can see that the Atlantic Alliance are making every attempt to isolate and surround the Eurasian Giant. All attempts to do so have failed.

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