Russia: US Only Helps Terrorists in Syria, Does Not Fight Them


MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said Thursday that the US military presence in Syria does not help but hampers the fight against terrorism in the country.

On December 12, the US special commissioner in the international coalition against Daesh (self-styled Islamic State, ISIS), Brett McGurk, stated that today the US and its allies face difficulties in the fight against terrorists in the Syria.

The representative of the Russian chancellery emphasized that such statements seek to justify the illegal armed presence of the United States.

“According to Russian estimates, [the American presence] not only does not respond to the interests of the final elimination of international terrorists in Syria, but also becomes a real obstacle to that goal,” Maria Zakharova told a news conference.

Syria has been suffering since March 2011 a conflict in which government troops are facing armed opposition factions and terrorist groups backed by the US.

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The United States intervened in the Syrian conflict in September 2014, leading an international coalition that began bombing the positions of terrorist groups without the consent of Damascus or the United Nations, but its efforts has done very little to defeat ISIS.

In fact, the US has consistently been accused of assisting ISIS. Only last month the US-led international coalition was accused of transferring terrorists from Daesh in Hasakah province, Syria. SANA claimed that the US deported a number of ISIS terrorists with helicopters leaving Hasakah province and heading to an undisclosed location, SANA news agency reported.

The coalition has not yet declared itself on the information disclosed by the agency.

Syrian army chief of staff Hassan Akhmad Hassan earlier said that the US and its allies support terrorists in Syria rather than fighting them, overseeing and organizing militants. To prove his assertion, the general brought reports on Daesh’s leadership stating that they were evacuated on more than one occasion to safe locations by American planes and helicopters.

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