Russia: We Won’t Hesitate to Point NUCLEAR Weapons at US Military Sites


MOSCOW, Russia – If Washington installs missile systems near the Russian border, Moscow will have to create parity in the balance of forces and, consequently, point nuclear arsenal against them.

If Washington puts missiles in Europe after withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), Russia will be forced to turn American missile systems into targets.

The need to take the measure was affirmed on Thursday by presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov in speaking with the Russian channel Pervy.

According to the politician, the problem is that the US exit from the INF Treaty could result in “the installation of medium- and short-range missiles in European countries, as it was in the Cold War era.”

The Kremlin spokesman explained that the installation of missiles in Europe, “targeted or potentially targeted against the Russian Federation will cause Russia, to create parity, to target these missile systems with their missile arsenal.”

He pointed out that in this case a situation experienced by the country in the past will be repeated, referring to the Cold War. In this way, Peskov responded to the request of the journalists to comment on the words of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, on the threat of a nuclear war.

“So there will be a cyclical development and a repeat of the situation that we unfortunately had to survive in the past,” he said.

Peskov’s remarks were given after Putin’s annual press conference on December 20 and where the president of Russia commented on the US decision to abandon the INF Treaty. In particular, the Russian leader stressed that with such intention, there is no sense for Washington to worry about advances in the Russian military industry.

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