Russian Deputy: US Uses Terrorists to Exert Pressure and Influence Sovereign Countries


MOSCOW, Russia – The US uses terrorists as a tool of pressure and direct interference in the affairs of sovereign states, said Russian Deputy Vyacheslav Volodin.

“The US geopolitical ambitions, which continue to use terrorists and extremists as an instrument of pressure and direct interference in the affairs of sovereign states, impede working together. [The Americans] try to justify on the basis on the so-called concept of resistance to violent extremism,”the Russian politician said indignantly.

He explained that under this concept countries are forced to apply “antiextremist standards” in the education of society by so-called “international independent experts”, circumventing legitimate authorities.

“As a result of these actions, state institutions are undermined, extremist ideas and appeals to ‘colored revolutions’ are inflamed in society. Terrorism is further strengthened, harming entire countries and regions,” commented Volodin.

On Saturday in Tehran, the 2nd Conference of Presidents of the parliaments of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Iran on the fight against terrorism and strengthening of regional interaction was held.

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The Russian Deputy’s comments come as the United States and allied forces in Syria claim they need to finish training between 35,000 and 40,000 Syrians to establish stability in eastern Syria after the defeat and expulsion of ISIS from these areas, said the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff United States, Joseph Dunford.

Dunford did not detail the number of Special Operations Commanders currently operating in eastern Syria, but said there were no plans to withdraw them.

President Donald Trump also announced in March this year that the US would leave Syria “very soon,” but Dunford’s statements suggest the president will not be able to do as he promised.

Since 2014, Washington has dispatched about 2,000 special operations forces to Syria, arguing the measure to combat the ISIS terrorist group. Damascus described the US presence in the country as illegal occupation.

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