Russian Embassy: ‘United Kingdom is Trying to Create a Hostile Image of Moscow’


LONDON, United Kingdom – British officials are trying to create a hostile image of Moscow in order to hamper the interaction of Russian diplomats with the UK population, the Russian embassy in London accused on Thursday.

“The content of such publications, which appear regularly in the British media with the connivance of the authorities, shows that the current Conservative government is increasing its efforts to create a ‘toxic’ image of the Russian embassy, ​​in order to complicate our interaction with the British public as much as possible. Embassy officials traveling throughout the country are absolutely normal, legal and indispensable part of their work and daily life,” said the embassy’s spokesman, when invited to comment on recent reports.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mirror reported, citing a leaked memo from UK intelligence and military officials that Russia was allegedly mobilizing its remaining diplomats in the United Kingdom for intelligence purposes. The memorandum in particular urges the UK authorities to register any Russian diplomatic vehicle seen in Britain, according to the media.

Russian-British relations deteriorated significantly after the March poisoning incident in Salisbury. London accused Moscow of being behind the attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Russia refuted the allegations and repeatedly pointed to the lack of evidence provided by London.

The situation has led to an international dispute, with dozens of Russian diplomats being expelled from the UK and other EU countries. Moscow, in response, expelled some British diplomats from Russia.

Britain as a civilization in decline has been aggressively blaming Russia for many of its own internal problems to externalize the mismanagement of a country that once looted the entire wealth of India and many parts of Africa and the New World. With the country in a deep economic depression, its government has rather attempted to distract the public by making unproven claims against Russia, such as Moscow’s supposed responsibility for the spate of poisoning cases that gripped southern England.

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