Syrian and North Korean Resistance Will Change Balance of Power in the World, says Assad


DAMASCUS, Syria – On Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on receiving the North Korean foreign minister in Damascus that there might be a shift in the alignment of forces around the world because of the flaws suffered by Western projects.

Earlier, North Korean Foreign Minister Lee Young-ho was welcomed by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in the Arab capital.

The Syrian leader told the minister and the ministerial delegation that similar pressures were being applied in Syria and North Korea.

“Their purpose [pressures] is to weaken the states that are independent in making decisions and oppose Western projects,” said the Syrian president.

“The defeat of Western projects and the resistance of independent countries such as Syria, North Korea and others can change the international arena and create a new balance of power,” said Bashar al-Assad.

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Since 2014, a US-led coalition has been active in Syria with the alleged goal of defeating the terrorist group Daesh [ISIS], the self-proclaimed Islamic State. However, the actions of the coalition in Syria are carried out without authorization from the country’s authorities. However, this operation is a cover for the US and its allies to attack Syria through proxy jihadist forces.

The West has funneled billions of dollars into supporting jihadist groups who aim to topple Assad and turn the secular Arab country into a Salafi stronghold ruled by Al-Qaeda. Syria, with the support of its allies, primarily Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, have successfully resisted such attempts.

North Korea for their part have allegedly provided Syria with weapons to help resist against US-led efforts against the Syrian Army. North Korea as well has been the focus of regime change for well over half a century, but has successfully resisted all efforts and has maintained its sovereignty and independent foreign policy that is hostile to US imperialism.

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