Syrian Army MERCILESSLY KILLS Over 20 ISIS Terrorists in Impressive Ambush


HOMS, Syria – Syrian government forces have neutralized 23 members of the ISIS [Daesh] terrorist group in the eastern desert province of Homs, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to the Ikhbariya, the military ambushed the extremist militants between Bir al Halba and Bir as Safania, taking them by surprise and killing all of them without mercy.

The operation comes shortly after a bomb blast on a bus in the town of Homs, which left at least eight people injured last month.

According to the governor of the region, Talal Barazisaid, in recent years, the terrorists have caused an estimated loss of 2 billion dollars in the province of Homs, which is beginning to return to normal after years of intense confrontations with terrorist forces.

Syria has been in a state of war since 2011, with forces loyal to President Bashar Assad’s government having to fight countless armed opposition groups, including the Daesh, also known as the Islamic State, who are backed by Western imperialist powers and Gulf dictatorships.

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The Syrian Foreign Ministry only days ago stated that the US-led international coalition has once again demonstrated its support for the terrorists by launching a missile strike against the Syrian army.

Earlier, a Syrian state television channel citing a military source in the country revealed that US-led international coalition forces launched several missiles on December 2 against Syrian military positions in the Gurab region.

“This attack is part of the policy of this US-led coalition. There is data confirming the coalition’s support for terrorist organizations, especially the Daesh,” said Arab diplomacy.

The US had hoped that using proxy jihadist groups, as they did during the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and as they did in Libya in 2011, would be a useful manner to topple the Syrian government headed by President Bashar al-Assad. However, their ambitions had failed because of the strong allied support the Arab country has received from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

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