‘Tales of Terror’: US Media Making the Public Scared of a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia


MOSCOW, Russia – An American portal simulated a Russian submarine nuclear attack on the US. A political scientist has explained that such articles try to spread terror to Americans.

Previously, the American portal “We Are The Mighty” simulated the consequences of a nuclear attack from a Russian strategic Borei submarine with missiles carrying nuclear warheads against the US, concluding that a single submarine would be sufficient to cause irreparable damage to the American Army and Navy.

In particular, the portal compared the Russian attack with a “predator rising slowly from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico” resembling a “Godzilla.”

Rafael Ordukhanyan, a political science, commented on the main objective of articles like this one.

“There is no doubt that fear is aggravated. It is an incompetence, a new attempt to ‘play the Russian card,'” he said.

According to the political scientist, articles like this reflect the “totally insane situation” we are experiencing.

“Such tales of terror are the fruit of the work of incompetent and non-professional people, dirty methods of dilettantes,” he emphasized.

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According to the expert, these articles only make sense to justify the increase in defense spending in the United States.

“All this does not contribute to the creation of a peaceful working environment. It is a kind of incomprehensible clowning,” he concluded.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that their weapons do not threaten anyone and that their sole objective is to ensure the defense of the country.

The fourth-generation Russian nuclear submarines of the Borei-Borei-A project, equipped with R-30 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, are expected to be the main element of the Russian strategic naval component in the coming decades.

This can all be interpreted as the media attempting to prepare the American public to go to war with Russia, and giving the image that Russia will completely destroy the US.

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