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Ukrainian General: Kiev Virtually Lost Political Support from the West

Published 2018-12-25 21:33:43 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine – Ukraine has virtually lost the support of Western countries because it creates problems for them, general and former Defense Minister of Ukraine Aleksandr Kuzmuk told 112 television. “It’s not easy to make a frank assessment, it’s not a positive one,” said Kuzmuk, commenting on the reaction to the Kerch Strait incident and the situation in Ukraine. “We are becoming a nagging factor for Europe and the US.” He noted that the West expects Kiev to solve its problems on its own. “And the worst is that we are without political support,” the general concluded. In 2014, Kiev… Continue ->

Tags: Kiev, Ukraine

Which Countries Preferred Russian Arms Compared to US Weapons in 2018?

Published 2018-12-25 16:22:53 by Paul Antonopoulos in Uncategorized

MOSCOW, Russia – In 2018, Rosoboronexport contracts surpassed $50 billion, and despite Western sanctions, the number of foreign buyers of Russian arms is only growing. A 2018 retrospective on Russia’s major military contracts with other nations has been prepared. Primary Buyer India became the main importer of Russian arms in 2018. On October 5, Moscow and New Delhi signed a contract to supply five S-400 Triumph air defense systems equivalent to more than $5.4 billion. Having been called the largest negotiation in the history of Rosoboronexport, the contract with India provides for payment for anti-aircraft defense systems in rubles, which… Continue ->


How Trump’s Exit from Syria Affects Turkey, Israel and Russia

Published 2018-12-25 13:22:51 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Israel, Mena, Russia, Syria, Turkey, United-States

WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The reasons that could have motivated the US exit from Syria may be financial, analysts have said, explaining how the US withdrawal will affect Turkey and Israel, as well as Washington’s European allies who remain in the Arab country. Even US President Donald Trump, having previously promised the withdrawal of US troops from the Syria took many by surprise. At the beginning of September, US Special Representative in Syria James Jeffrey made it clear that US military forces would not give up until the end of the year, in addition to Trump’s administration declaring… Continue ->

Tags: Israel, Russia, Syria, Trump, Turkey

The Hypocrisy of Chomsky and the Imperialist Left on Syria, Rojava and Yemen

Published 2018-12-25 13:10:52 by Guest Author in Headline-News, Mena, Opinions, Syria, Yemen

SYDNEY, Australia – “‘Scared to Death’: Syria’s Kurds Feel Trapped Between Threats From Assad and Erdogan” – Ha’aretz Many pro-Rojava [named region of a separatist Kurdish entity on Syrian territory] leftists including Noam Chomsky agree that an illegal US military occupation of a sovereign country is needed to protect “the Kurds”, possibly because they have no idea how pragmatically Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has addressed Kurdish demands and grievances. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) wanted citizenship for 300,000 stateless Kurds and Assad granted it back in April 2011. Then they wanted autonomy, which Assad effectively gave them back in… Continue ->

Tags: Chomsky, Rojava, Syria, Yemen, YPG

Belarus Considers “Fort Trump” in Poland as a Military Threat

Published 2018-12-25 10:43:08 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Belarus, Eurasia, Headline-News, Poland, United-States

MINSK, Belarus – Belarus sees the US base deployment in Poland as a source of military threat to the country, the country’s defense minister Andrei Rawkow said in an interview. Poland proposed that the United States host a permanent armored division, assuming the expenses – about $1.5-2 dollars. The proposal was presented bilaterally outside the NATO structure. Polish President Andrzej Duda even suggested calling this base Fort Trump. “As for Belarus, any deployment of foreign troops into adjacent territories is, in one way or another, seen as a source of military threat to our country, that is, it is a… Continue ->

Tags: Belarus, Poland, US

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