Is Crimea Russian? Is Donbass independent? Then it’s Jail time for you! — Lutsenko

"separatist and anti-state actions and appeals are often heard in the region"


We read in Novorosinform:
Stern punishment from Ukrainian authorities awaits any citizens talking about Russian Crimea and independent Donbass. Yuri Lutsenko, prosecutor General, spoke about this at a meeting of the leadership of law enforcement in Odessa.

According to him, local “separatists” calling for the forceful overthrow of the government or declaring Crimea Russian or Donbass independent will be severely punished.

“We consider it especially important to oppose separatist and anti-state actions and appeals, which, unfortunately, are often heard in the region, including in some regional media. Any anti-state material will be severely punished.

“To explain how, I will say: recently, on the “112” channel there was one lady from a political organization, who for a long time was saying that Ukrainian ships had no right to enter the Russian waters of the Crimea. Such statements fall under the article on calls for a change in the territorial integrity of the state. Criminal proceedings have been instituted, and this lady will answer,” said Lutsenko.

The Prosecutor General noted that everyone has the right to criticize the government, and evaluate its activities, “but it is unacceptable to encroach on the territorial integrity of the state, including the Crimea and Donbass and sovereign waters, as well as to call for the forceful overthrow of the government, which is provided for in yet another criminal article.”

As stressed by Lutsenko, anyone who only hints at the above-mentioned things should be punished.

Earlier, the Security Service of Ukraine reported on blocking the activity of the “interregional network of anti-Ukrainian Internet agitators.” The claim is that internet users are publishing political news, and call for actions of disobedience and support for the DPR and the LPR.

On October 26, the Security Service of Ukraine announced that a “separatist” was being detained in Odessa for distributing anti-Ukrainian materials through social networks. In August, it was reported that the SBU detained 11 administrators of pro-Russian groups in social networks.

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