This is HOW the West Destroyed Relations with Russia


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – US actions and their allies have led to a crisis in relations between the West and Russia, but Moscow is only responding to aggression against itself, wrote the American Conservative security policy expert Ted Carpenter.

“When historians examine the first few decades of the so-called post-Cold War era, they are likely to marvel at the clumsy and provocative policies that the United States and its NATO allies pursued toward Russia,” wrote the author of the article.

The many misunderstood actions of the West have led to the beginning of the new Cold War, with trends in recent times to turn into a “hot” war, he said.

At this time there is the possibility of avoiding such developments, “however, the behavior of America’s political, policy, and media elites in response to the latest parochial quarrel between Russia and Ukraine regarding the Kerch Strait suggests that they learned nothing from their previous blunders. Worse, they seem determined to intensify an already counterproductive, hardline policy toward Moscow.”

The policy of three US administrations over Russia was imprecise, according to Carpenter. NATO countries “The NATO nations engaged in a series of provocations even though Moscow had engaged in no aggressive conduct that even arguably justified such actions.”

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In addition, the desire to challenge Russia has only increased, which is confirmed by today’s tension related to the incident in the Kerch Strait, Carpenter said. “It falsely portrays the West as purely a reactive player—that NATO initiatives were never insensitive, provocative, or aggressive.”

But in reality it is fairer to say that it is the actions of Moscow that represent a response to the aggressive initiatives of the West, he pointing out that “nothing could be further from the truth.”

It is also wrong to say that responsibility for the aggravation of East-West relations lies with Russia because of the events in Georgia in 2008 and in Ukraine in 2014, as the Americans say. Problems began earlier – NATO’s enlargement and indifference to Russian interests in the Balkans have wrecked friendly relations, he said.

NATO countries treat Moscow as an enemy, and now there is a serious danger that Russia could become an enemy, Carpenter concludes.

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