Three Reasons That Would Lead to Military Conflict Between Russia and the US


MOSCOW, Russia – There are at least three reasons that could lead to a military confrontation between Russia and the United States, believes the deputy director of the European and International Research Center of the College of Economics, Dmitry Suslov.

Suslov warned that in the short and medium term a global confrontation would be fraught with very serious risks, among them a military confrontation between Russia and the United States with increasing chances to happen.

“In my view, there are at least three scenarios of unintended military confrontation between Russia and the US,” Suslov said during the “International Security of 2018: Situation and Prospects” discussion.

The first risk would be related to cyber threats, that is, when a country considers cyber attacks against itself as a grandiose attack and reacts not only cybernetically but militarily.

“The second risk is the uncontrolled arms race, including the installation of medium- and short-range missiles in Europe. I think we will come to this reality, sadly, in a few years,” Suslov laments.

According to a specialist, the third scenario of involuntary military confrontation between Russia and the US would be linked to Syria or the Black Sea region, where Moscow and Washington “are already operating in the same operational area, or can operate if the United States continues supporting the provocations of Ukraine.”

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With regard to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), the expert noted that US withdrawal from the treaty is inevitable, thus triggering an arms race between Moscow, Washington and Beijing for both medium- and short-range nuclear missiles, which would lead to the fall of the New START treaty.

In October, US President Donald Trump threatened to leave the INF, accusing Moscow of not complying with the agreement. The Kremlin has stated that if the US installs new missiles in Europe, it will give the same answer.

Vladimir Putin warned that countries, which agree to install American missiles on their territory, must understand what step taken could lead to a response attack.

In recent years, Moscow and Washington have regularly accused each other of violating the INF treaty. Russia has stated countless times that it fulfills all that is necessary, and has serious questions as to the fulfillment of the agreement by the Americans.

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