Trump Orders Creation of U.S Space Command to Counter Moscow’s Lead


WASHINGTON D.C – U.S President Donald Trump has expressed grave concerns about the lead held by Russia and China in space militarization, and has signed an order establishing the country’s national space forces command as a semi-separate branch of the military. The United States Air Force Space Command has existed since 1982, but as a branch of the Air Force.  The Pentagon is nearing completion of a draft proposal for a Space Force that would sit under the Air Force, but have many of the trappings of a separate service, resembling the Marine Corps’ relationship to the Department of the Navy.

It is noted that the creation of the US Space Command is supposed to cost at least $ 800 million. The main tasks of the US Space Command will be the organization and supervision of space operations, the definition of ways to protect American satellites, and the search for solutions to accelerate technological progress.

The agency clarifies that Donald Trump could go on to create the command because of fears that Beijing and Moscow are able to develop technologies that can influence the work of US satellites, or even destroy them.

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Back in June, Trump instructed the Pentagon to create space forces as the sixth branch of the armed forces. In October, he declared that Russia and China had surpassed Washington in creating space forces.

In Russia, space troops exist in the structure of the Ministry of Defense since 2001. In 2011, they were transformed into the Aerospace Defense Forces, since 2015 they have been recreated as a branch of service as part of the aerospace forces (HQ).

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