Trump SLAMS Google, Facebook, Twitter – “Bias favoring Democratic Party”


The president of the United States (USA) Donald Trump, accused the companies Google, Facebook and Twitter of having a bias in favor of the opposition Democratic Party and, in the case of Twitter, make it difficult for his account in that social network to have new followers

“Facebook, Twitter and Google are so inclined towards the Democrats. Twitter has made it much more difficult for people to follow the @realDonaldTrump account, ” the president wrote on the social network.

According to the US president, the three companies have “removed many names”, slowing the speed of the increase of new followers in their social networks. “They have not recognized or done anything,” Trump said.

On November 15th, the president had criticized these three companies in the same terms, saying that the “real collusion” during the 2016 presidential election was the one that took place between these firms and the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whom Trump beat in the elections.

The president referred to accusations of collusion between his campaign and Moscow, investigated by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

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Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of interference in the US political process and of collusion with the presidential campaign of the Republican candidate.

Senior Russian officials say those allegations were invented as an excuse for the defeat of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as to distract public attention from real cases of corruption and electoral fraud.

It has become apparent that the US President’s criticisms of U.S media monopoly, practice, and marriage with the Democrat Party both serve his media strategy, but also rings true. This same U.S media is connected to the U.S intelligence agencies, and the military industrial complex.

Clinton and her agreement with Atlanticist media has seen alternative media of all political stripes – but her own – come under attack. Delisting, shadow-bans, demonitization, and de-ranking have become a common practice against alternative media, utilized by Google, YouTube, and their AdSense subsidiary. This has been carried out  under a campaign against ‘fake news’, which is meant to apply to alternative media, by power-brokers like Clinton.

At the same time, the numerous encroachments on due process and civil liberties brought into law during the regime of Bush W – which also effect journalism – have not been attacked by the American administration.

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