Trump Welcomes Warhawk Mattis’ Resignation as ‘Long Overdue’


WASHINGTON D.C – US Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ resignation is said to be a direct reaction to Trump’s decision to end the combat phase of operations in Syria. In the opinion of Trump, the resignation of James Mattis has been brewing for a long time. It is due to his differences of opinion with the head of state, and was considered long overdue. Acting head of the White House staff Mick Mulvaney said this an interview with ABC on Sunday, December 23rd.

The head of the Department of Defense announced his resignation immediately after the decision of the president to withdraw from Syria.

“I do not know the answers to these questions, but I can only share a hunch <…>. The president has already known for a decent period of time that he and Mattis do not share the same philosophy,” Mulvaney said.

So he answered the question of whether the American leader was surprised to receive a resignation from Mattis, and whether Trump tried to dissuade him from this step.

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Mulvaney also noted that Trump called the views of the head of the United States Department of Defense more appropriate to the Democratic Party.  “Mattis was forced to leave in his time and from the administration of Barack Obama because of the same differences in views and differences,” said the current head of the White House staff.

On December 21st, it became known that Mattis decided to resign from the post of US Secretary of Defense because of a divergence of views with the president. Despite disagreements with Mattis on key issues, Trump noted his successes as head of the Pentagon, “especially regarding the purchase of new combat equipment.” Also, according to him, the candidacy of the new  head of the defense department will be known soon.

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