U.S Bombing of Afghanistan Reaches 10 Year High – Study Links this to Civilian Deaths


KABUL, Afghanistan – In January-October 2018, the United States Air Force used about six thousand bombs and other ammunition during operations in Afghanistan. This was written in Stars and Stripes (“Stars and Stripes”), the popular online daily, independent of the U.S armed forces, with reference to the monthly report of the US Air Forces Central Command (AFCENT). This record number was achieved, with still a few months left remaining in 2018 when the report was made. 

According to AFCENT, during this period, American war-planes used 5,982 bombs and related munitions in Afghanistan, which is the most its every used in the last 10 years. For comparison, in the course of operations in Afghanistan in 2011, the US Air Force used a total of 5,400 bombs and other related munitions – previously a record figure in the use of strike weapons for a whole year.

During the reporting period (10 months of the current year), coalition planes led by the United States carried out about 6,600 combat missions in Afghanistan, 12% of them used bombs, missiles and other means of hitting enemy targets.

The AFCENT report indicates that the death rate among the civilian population in Afghanistan as a result of the bombings in January-October 2018 reached its highest level compared to previous years.

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The Afghan army is also suffering huge losses along with the country’s security forces. Beginning in 2015, when the local military took over command of military operations from the US and NATO, about 30,000 servicemen and members of the security forces died in Afghanistan, according to Stars and Stripes.

Presently, the Kabul government is in talks with Russia about the possibility of having Russia broker a final peace between the Taliban and Kabul. There is a growing threat as the U.S and Gulf Monarchies are re-building ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and despite typical coverage, the Taliban itself is not in support of either terrorist organization at this time. Their war aims are focused on the legitimacy of the Kabul government, and not connected to international terrorism.

Only with a united force of the Kabul government with the Taliban, working with the Chinese and Russians, could the Afghan war be brought to a close. The U.S has permanent bases, which are thought of by numerous critics as existing to protect the U.S’ investment in two primary resources – lithium extraction and the opium trade.

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