Ukraine Army Desertions at All-Time High amidst Reports of Coming Kiev Offensive in Donbass


LUGANSK, Donbass – As tensions rise and the likelihood of a Ukrainian offensive grows, the already low morale of the UAF forces has worsened, resulting in a streak of desertions. Desertions are now at an all time high, corroborated by Ukrainian media.

Published on: Dec 1, 2018 @ 15:09

The UAF is said to be generally underpaid and put in unnecessarily risky situations, and are involved in an increasingly unpopular conflict, deserters have claimed – a view repeated in some Ukrainian media. The outcome of the Kerch Strait battle incident has worsened morale. Poroshenko had been apparently hoping that Russian naval forces would have given Kiev the martyrs it requires to simultaneously gather a broader version of the current martial law policy in place, and also spurn Russophobia to higher levels – psychological fuel for front-line soldiers. Instead, it resulted in very humane treatment of the detained Ukrainian soldiers, and an embarrassing revelation when the soldiers stated that they had been embedded with SBU agents and had received orders from higher-ups to cause the provocation.

In the most recent instance of desertion in recent days since the incident, a segment of a whole platoon of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arbitrarily left the location of the unit, taking with them their regular weapons. This mush was revealed at a briefing in Lugansk, according to the head of the press service of the People’s Police LPR Yakov Osadchy .

“In the village of Popasna, the security agencies of Ukraine are conducting operational measures to find four soldiers from the 14th brigade, who, on November 25, voluntarily left the location of the unit with standard weapons,” the agency LITs quoted him.

Osadchy added that Ukrainian commanders are hiding this fact from their superiors. Indeed, these incoming reports are clearly incomplete, due to the general success that Ukrainian commanders have in hiding these desertions which analysts claim have become common-place.

In the People’s Militia, they have repeatedly noted that the moral and mental state of the Kiev security officials is worsening, they continue to maraud and organize “drunken clashes” which are not embraced by the local population, and cases of non-statutory relationships that lead to desertion and suicide among the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become frequent.


With Poroshenko’s martial law provisions in place, journalists may find it illegal to report now on such desertions and suicides. This will create a longer-term problem for the Kiev Junta, as Ukrainians will increasingly look to foreign press for reports on the situation in the east of the country. Once citizens become accustomed to visiting websites not in anyway under the influence of the Kiev regime, the Junta will lose its ability to manufacture consent all together.

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Maria Angelica Brunell Solar
Maria Angelica Brunell Solar
3 years ago

Intelligent soldiers, who know that the real objective of this war is to keep a foreign created and supported government which is oblivious to the needs of its citizens!

3 years ago

Though I am not a proponent of desertion , I have to admit that in this case it is just cause .The people, soldiers included , are being asked to hate the Russians .But the big question has to be

hate them for what ? For soldiers to be asked to shoot their neighbors is beyond the pale .

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