Ukraine Still Has No Missiles That Could Hit Russian Naval Targets


KIEV, Ukraine – The chief designer of Kuznya shipyard in Rybalsky of Ukraine, Sergei Belozubenko, told the television station Kanal 5 about the deficiencies of the armored artillery boats of the class Gyurza-M.

“Unfortunately, there are no guided missiles installed in the armored artillery shells. That is the main problem […] Missile guides are installed in the combat modules, but unfortunately there are no missiles in Ukraine today that can reach a maritime target,” Belozubenko said.

According to him, based on the operational experience of the Ukrainian Barier anti-tank missiles in Kazakhstan, the use of hand-held missile in maritime conditions is problematic, however at the moment there are no automatic guidance systems.

In addition, Belozubenko refuted the information that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine would have ordered an eighth armored vessel Gyurza-M and two landing craft Kentavr-LK. At present, Kuznya shipyard at Rybalsky is building only the seventh Gyurza-M type boat, said the shipyard representative, noting that there are no other launches in the orders made to the company.

Currently, the Ukrainian Navy is made up of six light armored Gyurza-M classboats built by the Kuznya shipyard at Rybalsky, which formerly belonged to Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko. Two armored boats, along with their crews, were arrested on 25 November by the border guard of the Russian Federal Security Service when the Russian border was breached in the Kerch Strait.

Previously, the Ukrainian media reported that due to various design miscalculations in the design of these ships, their supply was constantly postponed.

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Meanwhile, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Ukraine reported on Saturday the downing of a Su-27 fighter jet in the Zhytomyr region.

The Ukrainian military also reported that the pilot did not survive the accident.

“On December 15, 2018, a Su-27 aircraft crashed during a scheduled flight in Zhytomyr region. The pilot died,” officials said through their official Facebook page.

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