UN General Assembly Adopts an Anti-Russian Resolution on Crimea


NYC, NY – The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution proposed by Ukraine on the violation of human rights in the Crimea.

According to RIA Novosti, the document was supported by 65 countries, 27 were opposed.

It is noted that most countries – 70 – abstained from voting.

“This resolution is extremely politicized, based on inaccurate and falsified information,” said the representative of Russia’s permanent mission during a speech at the General Assembly.

The diplomat called this document “anti-Russian, false, crafty.”

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“The Russian Federation guarantees the protection of rights and freedoms throughout its entire territory, including Crimea,” the representative of the permanent mission concluded.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly adopted the Ukrainian draft resolution on the “militarization” of the Crimea, as well as parts of the Azov and Black Seas.

Crimea became a Russian region on March 18, 2014 after a referendum, in which more than 96% of the republic’s residents voted for reunification with Russia.


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