US Will Attempt Coup in Venezuela If Economic Pressure Does Not Work


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said Sunday that the United States was preparing a coup in Venezuela. An expert on Latin American issues looks at whether there are grounds for such a coup and whether the US can really escalate the situation in Venezuela anytime soon.

Threatening cooperation

For the director general of the Latin American Center Hugo Chavez, Egor Lidovskoi, the news on coup plans is perfectly plausible after recent visits of Nicolas Maduro to Russia and Turkey.

The Russian expert stresses that in addition to signing the agreements that have been announced, such as Russian investment contracts, there may be other secret deals aimed at developing the multipolar world and abandoning the US dollar in the economy.

“This will certainly affect the United States, because the dollar and the economy are a ‘weapon’ that they use even more than military force to impose their will on other countries. A country having their own independent policy is extremely dangerous, as they may lose their hegemony,” Lidovskoi said.

Disguised opposition and economic pressure

The analyst points out that Washington has always had a very negative attitude toward Caracas, in particular after the coming to power of Hugo Chavez and the consequent nationalization of oil production in Venezuela.

Thus, US companies lost the possibility of profiting from the Venezuelan oil sector, which led the US to resort to colossal economic pressure on Caracas, just as they did with Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

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In this context, he believes, it is perfectly possible for Washington to escalate the situation.

“In the American establishment, there is always a dispute between those who are in favor and against an invasion in Venezuela. If they see that they have exhausted the economic measures of pressure… then it is quite possible that the US will attempt a military intervention or a coup using radical groups, which have already been generously sponsored in Venezuela,” Lidovskoi said.

According to him, although in Venezuela there are opposition parties, the opposition that is shown by American propaganda are disguised armed groups that carry out various operations such as the drone attack against the president in August of this year.

Given the relations of Venezuela to countries such as Russia, China and Turkey, the expert concluded that Washington can be expected to try to do more in this direction.

Nicolás Maduro visited Moscow in early December, having met with President Vladimir Putin and his government.

According to Maduro’s statements, the two countries have signed a series of agreements in the areas of oil, telecommunications, defense, mining and trade.

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