West is Concerned About Growing Cooperation Between Russia and Turkey


BERLIN, Germany – Cooperation between Russia and Turkey continues to develop with the crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara already belonging to the past, German public radio Deutschlandfunk reported. While still holding some controversy, Moscow and Ankara cooperate in the sphere of energy, trade and even in the field of armaments, which gives rise to Western concerns.

After the sharp fall of the Turkish lira and information on the sharp increase in inflation, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in November positive news: the inauguration of the TurkStream gas pipeline.

From next year, Russian gas will be supplied to Western Europe through Turkish territory and Russia will no longer depend on transit through Ukraine. Erdogan used the opening ceremony of the gas pipeline as an occasion to praise relations with Russia.

“Russia is a loyal and proven friend to us as well as a major supplier of gas. We should not be accountable for such cooperation with third countries,” said the Turkish president.

The issue pointed out that the Turkish president has not met with other world leaders as often as he has with Putin, even though relations between Moscow and Ankara collapsed . After half a year, Erdogan apologized.

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Cooperation between two countries is actively developing in the areas of energy, trade and arms. Despite warnings from NATO, Turkey has commissioned the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Russia. US official NATO representative Kay Bailey Hutchison expressed concern over the purchase of the S-400, which would hamper the compatibility of NATO aircraft and weapons.

According to Deutschlandfunk , the US fears that Russia with help from the S-400 can collect data on the new US F-35 fighters, so the supplies of these aircraft to Turkey have been suspended.

The worse the relations of Turkey with the western countries become, the more Erdogan shows his friendship with Putin. Therefore, all the controversies between Ankara and Moscow are left aside, for example, the Syrian issue. According to political scientists, Moscow “won the game” Ankara in Syria, keeping Assad in power, which contradicted Turkish politics.

The edition writes that Erdogan may well call the fact that he succeeded in avoiding the attack on the border town of Idlib by Syrian government troops. In this situation, millions of people can escape to Turkey. However, Putin’s concession would aim to create discord between Turkey and Western countries, while the West notes the improvement in Russian-Turkish relations with growing concern.

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