What Awaits Ukraine if it Attacks? Sit-Rep & Analysis

By Beness Aijo


Soldier of the DPR Army, Beness Aijo, was born and raised in Latvia, received an education and then lived in the UK, since 2014 he has been fighting in the Donbass on the side of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. The volunteer calls himself a socialist, a National Bolshevik, a communist, in the press he was called “Black Lenin”. In the Baltics, he actively defended the rights of the Russian-speaking population, then went to defend the Crimea by entering self-defense, and then arrived in the Donbass.


Dear comrades! Attention! The Fatherland is in danger! The damned Bandera junta, led by the possessed Fuhrer Poroshenko, this nasty prostitute of bloody American imperialism, is going to put our planet on the brink of World War III together with its Western masters.

So, Poroshenko announced the  transfer of aircraft assault troops, in particular units of the 95th Brigade, to the coast of the Azov and Black Seas.

The chocolate geek – this enemy of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples – said that after the introduction of martial law, military teams were coordinated in a short time, which “defended the most dangerous areas”.

And yesterday, a draft appeal to the President of Ukraine with a request to declare war on Russia was submitted to the Parliament. The document prepared by non-fractional deputy Vitaly Kuprii is called the “Draft Resolution on the Appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the President of Ukraine regarding the declaration of war, the severance of diplomatic relations and the termination of transport communication with the Russian Federation”.

In general, the bloodthirsty fascist Poroshenko is preparing for a possible attack on the Russian Federation, and with the support of the Americans.

Let me remind you that about a week ago Poroshenko announced the resumption of the work of the Commission of Strategic Partnership between Kiev and the United States.

And at the meeting of this commission in Washington attended by US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, Deputy Secretary of State Mitchell and Foreign Minister of Ukraine Klimkin.

Volker reaffirmed the US commitment to ensuring the full restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, promised to supply an additional batch of lethal weapons to Ukraine, and said that Washington should consider increasing its presence in the Black Sea.

In addition, the right-wing dog of Petro Poroshenko, the head of the National Security and Defense Council Turchinov, said that Ukraine plans to make a new passage of ships through the Kerch Strait with the involvement of partners from NATO and the OSCE. The Bloody Pastor noted that if Ukraine retreats, Russia will allegedly seize the Sea of ​​Azov and present the world with new sea borders in the Black Sea.

Second, on December 18th, the UN General Assembly adopted an anti-Russian resolution proposed by Ukraine condemning the militarization of the Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as parts of the Black and Azov Seas. The document directed against Russia was supported by 66 countries, 19 voted against, and 72 abstained.

In this resolution, the UN General Assembly condemns the supply by Russia of weapons to Ukraine, including nuclear missiles, and demands that military exercises be stopped there, which allegedly creates additional threats to Ukraine and undermines stability in the region.

And the day before yesterday, more than 40 US senators called on President Donald Trump to conduct some kind of multinational operation against Russia in the Black Sea.

According to them, it is necessary to ensure freedom of navigation, as well as to demonstrate support for “internationally recognized borders.” It also notes the need to “resist the excessive claims of Russia to sovereignty.” The document calls for NATO to increase its presence in the Black Sea, as well as a call for European allies and partners to deny Russian warships the right to call their ports for resupply and refueling.

In the US Senate, Trump was called upon to use his powers to expand the capabilities of the Ukrainian military, to provide additional assistance to Ukraine in the field of security, “especially in terms of strengthening Ukraine’s capabilities at sea and imposing mandatory sanctions against Russia in accordance with the Law on Countering America’s Enemies through Sanctions.

As we see, the United States and Kiev have already begun to implement their sabotage. In particular, on December 12, officers of the FSB in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol detained a Ukrainian militant at the entrance to the Crimea. He is accused of illegal acquisition, storage and carrying of ammunition and explosives.

It was established that the defendant in the spring of 2018 built a cache with ammunition and explosives to carry out terrorist acts. In this caches were 12 kg of TNT and 200 rounds of firearms.

According to the FSB, the detainee was involved in the activities of the battalion. Noman Celibijihan, who undermined power lines on the territory of the Kherson region in 2015.

It is good that this terrorist was successfully defused in time. Surely, he was going to blow up important peaceful objects of the Crimea on Poroshenko’s order, the aim of which is to destabilize the situation on the peninsula as much as possible. This is potentially one of the links in the Bandera terrorist chain, which began to unwind from the mass slaughter in Kerch College in October, and ending with a vile maritime provocation in the Kerch Strait on November 25.

In general, the American militarists hawks are aimed at maximally escalating the conflict in Azov and on the Black Sea and are even ready to fight Russia with the hands of punishers of Bandera.


In parallel with the attack on the Russian Federation, the fascists are preparing an offensive on the LPR and DPR. This, in particular, is also evidenced by the refusal of the Ukrainian side at a meeting of the Minsk contact group on December 19th to reconcile the next “Christmas truce”, citing the alleged lack of authority in connection with martial law, despite an agreement reached during previous meetings. Representatives of Kiev defiantly left the hall of the negotiations, thereby confirming their dismissive attitude towards international partners.

At present, the BSUshniki bring masses of heavy weapons to the front line along the entire line of contact.

A week ago, the fascists transferred 4 Su-25 attack aircraft to Berdyansk, and a column of 12 trucks, 9 MTLB units, more than 150 personnel of the 503rd marine infantry battalion advanced from Berdyansk towards Mariupol.

The commander of the OTG “Vostok”, General Moisyuk, reported on the readiness of the units of the 128th and 79th brigades in the first echelon to the offensive. Tank units of these formations are dispersed in groups of up to two platoons along the line of contact along the front from Grape to Starognatovka. The 56th motorized infantry brigade is located in the concentration area on the northern outskirts of Mariupol.

For the completion of the offensive grouping on December 12, a resupply of 220 people arrived at the temporary deployment center of the 79th troops. Most of the arrivals are reservists who had previously undergone training at Ukraine’s landfills.

In addition, 10 units of T-64 tanks from the 2nd battalion of the 17th tank brigade in Krivoy Rog were additionally transferred to the 56th military regiment.

The artillery grouping is distributed as follows: reactive battery of 6 units of the MLRS Grad 79th unit is masked in the area of ​​the settlement. Makedonovka, 16 km from the front line; reactive division of 18 units of the MLRS “Grad” 128th okshbr dispersed in a forest in the north of the settlement Adreevka, 16 km from the front line; reactive division of 18 units of the 220-mm MLRS “Uragan” of the 27th artillery brigade is concentrated in the area of ​​the settlement Free, 25 km from the front line; the 18-unit rocket division of the 300-mm MLRS Smerch 15th Regiment is concentrated in a forest in the south of the settlement Volodarskoe, 30 km from the front line.

All Ukrainian artillery units are provided with two ammunition ammunition, which three days before were delivered from the settlement. Rozovka from the field artillery warehouse OTG “Vostok”, located on the border of Zaporozhye and “Donetsk” regions. Tactical groups of the Ukrainian Navy, boats “Triton” and “Mariupol”, are in the area of ​​the Mariupol port in readiness for action.

On December 11, the commanders of the warships were assigned the combat task of covering the ground grouping of the occupation forces of Ukraine from the sea.

In addition, at the beginning of this week, the enemy strengthened all types of intelligence in the Mariupol sector.

As I said a week ago, dill plan to launch an offensive on December 24 in the DPR in the South and in the LPR in order to cut off the Republics from the Russian border and take them into the ring.

However, the day before yesterday we received new intelligence that dill are also going to capture Gorlovka. Thus, a train with shock drones of the type “Warmate-1” and “Bayraktar TB2”, which are capable of carrying up to 70 kilograms of payload, arrived at Gorlovka direction.

The security services of Ukraine are planning either to sabotage the environmentally hazardous enterprises (using chlorine, ammonia, etc.) near the front line with subsequent charges of a crime in Russia and the LDNR, or to disperse the poisonous substance allegedly released from the territory of the DPR. The Americans have already prepared shell fragments, treated with combat poisons, to give credibility to the accusations of the DPR and Russia.

It should be noted that the chief chaplain of the Armed Forces of Latvia E. Plaviis arrived in the north of Gorlovka, who was accompanied by representatives of the Latvian embassy in Ukraine. They will visit the units in the conflict zone in which the Latvian mercenaries serve.

As a citizen of Latvia, who lived in this Republic until 2008, I can say that Latvians are not an aggressive people, rather they are a kind, and intelligent people in general. However, the territory of present-day Latvia for more than 700 years was under the yoke of German barons, Swedes and Poles, who oppressed the workers and they fought against the above-mentioned foreign exploiters.

However, the Latvian tribal and bourgeois authorities developed a slave psychology, and for money they are ready to serve faithfully and truthfully to any foreign lord (Germans, Americans, Swedes, etc.), carrying out all their orders, including those contrary to the interests of the Latvian people.

And now the Latvian ruling national bourgeois junta, like the Ukrainian one, imposes an extreme Russophobia on Latvians and sends them to serve in the Bandera army.

In addition, in the Gorlovka direction there are personnel officers of Great Britain, in particular, one of the special purpose units – the “Special Airborne Service”. The SAS arrived to carry out terrorist acts and kidnap our commanders on the territory of the DPR.

It should also be noted the active work in the Ukrainian occupation zone by the staff of the US Embassy headed by the head E. Kosur.

The official purpose of the work is to familiarize with the material basis of the 23rd frontier detachment of Ukraine and the current situation in the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov. However, this goal goes against finding E. Kosur in the Bandera headquarters in Kramatorsk and with a closed meeting with the head of “OOS” Naev. According to our intelligence, ambassadorial employees discussed the facts of information leaks regarding the participation of current fighters in the U.S Army on the side of Bandera.

Also currently, the politicians of Ukraine and their Western curators are still discussing the question of bringing NATO militants into the conflict zone under the guise of a peacekeeping force.

I believe that the purpose of the Bandera offensive and provocations is to unleash hostilities in the Donbass to cancel the elections in Ukraine, and then the protégé of world financial capital Poroshenko will continue to rule Ukraine and plunder its workers for another five years.

But we, the armies of the LPR and DPR and the Russian Federation, are not asleep and are in a state of increased combat readiness!

In addition, the Head of the LPR, Pasechnik and the President of South Ossetia, the day before yesterday in Tskhinval, signed an agreement on friendship, military, cultural and economic cooperation and mutual assistance between the Republics.

So our Ossetian brothers who survived the terrible Georgian aggression will always help us in the event of a Bandera offensive.

I will note that Poroshenko and his junta, which incites ethnic strife, pushing apart the fraternal Russian and Ukrainian peoples, are representatives of the big bourgeoisie. These are snooping oligarchs and exploiters, enemies of the working people.

They do not care about Ukrainians, and they compose pseudo-scientific tales about the ancient history of ”Ukrov, about some original cultural and political incompatibility of Russians and Ukrainians, about the oppression of Ukraine by Russia and inflate poisonous anti-Russian hysteria in order to distract workers and peasants from the class struggle and rally them around the reactionary fascist regime (from a scientific point of view, Ukrainians are a special kind of Russian people, which in the 17th century began to form in Russia, among the Cossack class in conditions of strong influence Tatar, Mongolian, Caucasian and Polish genetic and linguistic elements).

After all, it was not without reason that the Kiev junta banned the communist ideology and the Communist Party in Ukraine, and also destroyed all the monuments to Lenin and the Soviet era

And we, the inhabitants of the LPR and DPR, simply defend our young states from the aggression of the fascist Ukraine and the United States behind it, aimed at tearing away the once fraternal Ukraine (under the USSR) from Russia, surrounding the Russian military with NATO military bases and establishing Western hegemony in Eurasia.

Well, repulsive Bandera regime of Ukraine and the bloodthirsty US gendarme! If you dare to enter the Kerch Strait again without Russia’s permission, your ships will be sunk, and your sailors will become a dinner for sharks. And if you attack the LPR, DPR, or Russia, then not a single living place will be left from the accursed fascist regime of Ukraine (and the United States will be painfully beaten, shamefully left out and lose the status of one of the world powers)!


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