What is China’s Strategy to Annihilate the US Air Force?


BEIJING, China – The Chinese Air Force is trying to compete and defeat the US Air Force through bold strategies, media reports are claiming.

China is using a strategy that goes far beyond the competition. To do so, the country is acquiring technologies as they can, be they copied, usurped or innovations of their own, says The National Interest.

According to the American expert Scott Harold, the Chinese Air Force aims to defend the airspace of the country, defend from conflict over Taiwan and the projection of superiority over disputed islands.

The main strategy used by the Chinese to achieve the goal is to rely on their new and old technologies, as well as to copy technologies from other military powers. In addition, the legacy of China’s aerospace force capabilities is derived from the Cold War.

Another fact that proves this Chinese strategy is the purchase of Russian Su-27 fighters. China used Russian Su-27 fighter jets to get some of the technology used in the engine, thereby creating the Chinese engine, meaning the Chinese absorbed some Russian technology and applied it to Chinese innovations.

However, it should be emphasized that China is the world leader in hypersonic technology because the Chinese leader decided to create fast ammunition, very valuable for the defense of the country, preventing US actions in the vicinity of the country. This fact highlights Chinese potential, since no other country is investing in hypersonic technology.

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The Chinese aircraft have characteristics of several American fighter jets, as well as Russian fighter jets and Israeli technologies, according to The National Interest magazine .

The Asian country began organizing its own training, aiming for air superiority, with the goal of defeating the US Air Force.

In addition, the Chinese want to develop surveillance satellites in high numbers, that is, the Asian giant is not concerned about the US space race, but rather is building obstacles for US forces through anti-satellite weapons so that the so-called US Space Force does not have similar equipment. With these satellites, China would dominate space without any space race.

But China chose to fight the US, and in times of war, in a possible direct air combat, China will have aircraft and training similar to the US, and China is developing better fighters and faster pilots.

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