Why Is Russia Victorious In International Conflicts That The West Fails In?


PARIS, France – Russia has been able to emerge victorious over many years from most international geopolitical conflicts and, according to the French newspaper Figaro, this merit must be attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The edition highlights that the Russian leader’s excellent and in-depth academic background plays a vital role in political decision-making and consequently affects the country’s overall external direction.

In particular, his knowledge of geography, the political map of the world and the special features of each country and each people, with its unique culture, allow the Russian president to achieve success in the world arena, the newspaper points out.

To illustrate such a point of view, the French media exemplifies Putin’s meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandr Tkachev. When the minister began talking about Russian pork export to Indonesia, Putin stopped his report and pointed out a serious error. The president indicated that it is a mostly Muslim country where the majority of population, or 87%, does not consume this type of meat. Therefore, it is not worth exporting to this region.

In this connection, Figaro points out that, in comparison with other world leaders, Vladimir Putin realizes the difference between different peoples in different parts of the world, which, in turn, allows him to lead a well-considered policy.

When talking about other national leaders, the newspaper stresses that they do not understand anything about regional differences. For example, once US President Donald Trump confused Austria with Australia, while French President Emmanuel Macron called French Guiana an overseas department of France on the Atlantic coast of South America.

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It is evident that weak knowledge in geography results in an absolute ignorance of crucial geopolitical issues and desires to obtain short-term benefits.

In the list of causes that led to such a significant difference in the formation of world leaders, the paper first names the weak education systems in the West that do not pay sufficient attention to important disciplines such as geography.

Second, according to the media, the problem is that many Western leaders lack interest in these issues because they are concerned only with economic and financial matters or even with even more useless subjects.

All this means that they do not have a defined long-term strategy that would help them differentiate their friends and foes, understand what the real balance of forces between states is and what regions of the planet it is vital to maintain the balance for preserving peace throughout the world.

Nevertheless, this explains why Russia, with its well-defined strategy, emerges as the winner in most international conflicts, summarizes the issue.

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