A Huge Thank You to FRN’s Supporters – Our Fundraiser Was a Success!


Dear FRN Readers and Supporters, 

We’d like to extend to all supporters and readers a huge thank you, for making our Christmas Fundraising drive a success.  This was our first ever fundraising campaign, and its going to make many things possible now.

Every donation was big in heart and soul, and we felt it here sincerely – and also a huge thanks to those who couldn’t afford to give this year but passed on our important ask to others.

This was tremendous.  

If our project was less controversial, we’d make a list naming every donor, but that would be akin to ‘naming names’ in this day and age. We aren’t here to dox supporters!

The constant assault on our publication from the Atlantic Council (NATO’s media wing), Google, Adsense, Facebook, and Twitter has caused us real headaches, but at no time did we ever consider throwing in the towel.

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The fundraising campaign’s success is wind in our sails, and we’re going to keep living up to our promise to deliver compelling coverage and analysis of world events.  We’re going to keep at producing hard-hitting editorials that are building a new bridge between secular and religious communities, and between folks that others might consider either left-wing or right-wing.

FRN is the media wing of the Belgrade based registered non-profit research association, the Center for Syncretic Studies. If you believe you can write-off your donation in your legal jurisdiction, email us and we’ll be happy to issue via physical mail a receipt including our seal and our tax/non-profit registration number.

We understand and respect that there are many worthwhile causes in this world which are deserving of your support, and therefore we feel both blessed and humbled that you considered us worthy. 

Again, thank you and God Bless

The FRN Team


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