Anonymous Hackers Reveal: Ukraine is Preparing for a 100 Year War With Russia


LONDON, England – The Ukrainian military have been ostensibly preparing for a hundred-year war with the Russian Federation, according to the documents published by Anonymous hackers. The hackers were able to get into the database of the British state project, Integrity Initiative, which opposes Russia.

In a new batch of papers published on Friday, January 25th. The published files contain data that five employees of the intelligence reserve of Ukraine, who at that time were between 45 and 53 years old, visited the UK from July 6 to July 13, and the year of the trip was not known.

Four of the visitors were “ethnically Russian” and spoke English. Two had previously served in the KGB, and had the rank of colonel, two more led brigades, and the latter “almost certainly” served in the GRU. One of these citizens told about preparations for a long “hundred years war” with Russia.

The published documents contain data of agents who were attracted to the activities of the group.

In early January,  Anonymous published a package of documents according to which British intelligence shortly before the incident in Salisbury hired chemical weapons expert Mark Lavery from a military laboratory in Porton Down, whom Russia had repeatedly expressed suspicions about.

The below is from an Anonymous portal, which is a data drop covering the identities and details of this major reveal.


As of this publication, access to the Integrity Initiative website has been denied and only confirmed followers can view its twitter account. We’ve been long waiting for that very move from our opponents since, as is known, nothing attracts more attention than an attempt to conceal facts. Yet, well-coordinated efforts of the Anonymous from around the world have enabled you to learn everything about the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft even if their farcical websites are unavailable. Today we will continue publishing the documents and facts which confirm that the UK taxpayers fund a full-scale informational war that is going on across entire Europe.

Well, how deep does the rabbit hole go under Two Temple Place in central London? It is known for certain that alongside the Orwellian ‘non-partisan’ Integrity Initiative project Chris Donnelly masterminded the establishment of Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI) to become its supervisor with recruiting responsibilities. He has so far managed to recruit quite a number of outstanding UK nationals who rose to certain heights, and he involves them in his villainous schemes to push the West to war with Russia and China.

“To that end we have supported the creation of special Army reserve units (e.g. 77 Bde and SGMI – Specialist Group Military Intelligence) with which we now have a close, informal relationship. These bring in, as reservists with a special status, individuals who are very senior civilian experts in some relevant area, such as Hedge Fund managers, senior bankers, Heads of PA companies, etc. I.e. people whom the Army could never afford to hire, but who donate their time and expertise as patriots” – stated Dan Lafayeedney, co-director of the Institute for Statecraft, during a meeting in Israel in the summer of 2018.

Here is the document –

Donnelly and his right hand man Alex Finnen, a senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft and major of the UK intelligence, selected and interviewed candidates for SGMI. Following the interview, they assembled the candidates at Two Temple Place, central London.

Here is Finnen’s passport.

FCO’s chief propaganda officer Andy Pryce helped Donnelly to place Finnen in the FCO as a senior advisor HMG Russia Unit, Counter Disinformation and Media Development Program (ex Russian Language Strategic Communications Program). After that Finnen demanded that any information about his involvement with the Institute for Statecraft be immediately deleted from its website. Afterwards millions of pounds of the British taxpayers began flowing into the Institute for Statecraft as part of the project that included Donnelly’s agent now. Corruption here is quite obvious.

Finnen’s invoices:—october/20180113statecraft—october.pdf—september/20180114statecraft—september.pdf—january-2018/20180125statecraft—january-2018.pdf

And here is the example of a rather unsophisticated slide deck used to recruit new SGMI agents in the basement of Two Temple Place at Donnelly’s command.

Below we publish a list of SGMI agents recruited by Donnelly so that anyone interested in the case could establish a correlation between them and members of the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft.

Specialist Group Military Intelligence (Group A & Group B officers – “Neith Pillar”):

1. Chris Donnelly, e-mail: [email protected];

2. Simon J. Thomas, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], T: 942314459, 01635204459, 07505753473;

3. Andrew D. Batcock, T: +440163520433;

4. Cowan D. Ward, e-mail: [email protected];

5. Kirsty I. Baxter, Russia/Ukraine SMEs, e-mail: [email protected];

6. Helen J. Carter, SO2 Production, T: 942314314, 01635204314, 07747634118, e-mail: [email protected];

6. Mark Andrew Laverick | Lt Col | COS & SO1 Technical Intelligence | Specialist Group Military Intelligence, 1 ISR Brigade | Building 7A, Denison Bks, HERMITAGE, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9TP | T: +44(0)7964902082, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

7. Steven J. Main, [email protected];

8. Olexander Hryb, T: 01462851515, 07808887611;

9. Richard Mason, SO2 Biological;

10. Maj A J Finnen MBE QVRM TD PhD FRGS,

SO2 Academic Outreach and Research, Specialist Group Military Intelligence | Room 13, Building 7A, Denison Barracks, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks RG18 9TP. Tel: 94231 4296 | 01635 204 296 Ext 4296 | Fax: NONE | Internet: [email protected] Mob: 07951 126 367

Dr Alex Finnen MBE

Alex has been directly engaged in this area for a number of years. He was also a member of a team with Di Allen and Jon Hazell working on the development’s Concept of Employment (CONEMP) in the area of XXXX. In particular Alex, having previously developed both the CONEMP and the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Materiel and Personnel Exploitation (MPE) within the MOD was responsible for the TNA in this later project. Alex served for sixteen years of his career in the Western Balkans on behalf of the FCO and the MOD plus further periods in the Levant and the former Warsaw Pact. He has spent much of his career as an intelligence analyst, but his other major career strand has been with elections and he was Director General for elections in Bosnia for six rounds of elections and Co-chair for the biometric ID card and passport project for Albania. As DHM of the OSCE Mission in Albania he was responsible for the management of EUR 17 million of project funding and continues in this area today as a specialist advisor to the British Council advising on locally run projects in the Ј600,000 – One million range in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. Alex’s PhD is in the International Community’s Management of Post-Conflict and he is a Fellow at Oxford Brookes, the Cranfield Forensic Unit and Statecraft.

11. Capt. I. Cohen

S03 FININT| Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI)| Denison Barracks|

Hermitage|| Berks | RG18 9TP

Email: [email protected]


Managing Director, Global Head Market Structure & Execution Strategy | HSBC Global Asset Management

8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HQ

Phone +44 (0)207 024 0800

Mobile +44 (0)7468 704172

Email [email protected]

12. James Townsend, HSBC

13. Shivani Kak, FININT Moody’s

e-mail: [email protected]

14. Jon Searle, HDIS, Bedford Modern School

J P Searle TD RA | Lt Col | SO1 Human Networks, Human Domain Intelligence Specialists | Specialist Group Military Intelligence, 1 ISR Brigade | Building 7A, Denison Bks, HERMITAGE, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9TP | PSAO: 94231 4459 | 01635 204 459 | Fax: 01635 204329 | Mob: 07970 389733 | E-mail: [email protected] |

Jon Searle

Head of Year 8

tel: 01234 332000

fax: 01234 332550

email: [email protected]


Bedford Modern School.

Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7NT

15. Josh Arnold-Foster

Josh has been senior defence and security adviser Hanover Communications 2007 to present – providing political and strategic advice to clients including Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Saab, Royal British Legion and Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Josh was Special Advisor John Reid MP, Defence Secretary 2005-2006 and previously a senior political consultant at Politics International 1998-2005 – clients included Lockheed Martin (F-35 campaign), Vosper Thorneycroft, Air Tanker. As a military Reservist Josh has also provided coaching and mentoring to very senior officers in public presentation and strategic advice on influence and counter influence activities in a ‘New Media’ environment.

16. Barrie Axford

Barrie is Professor of Politics at Oxford-Brookes University. His particular areas of expertise and research are in Globalisation and in new media, in particular digital media and emerging technologies. He has been particularly focused in this on Wider Europe in particular the Ukraine, Caucasus and the Central Asian Republics. More recently he has focused on the link between ‘populism’ and new media and is chairing a conference on this topic on 25th January 2018 in Oxford. Other areas of interest include the role of new media in radicalisation and counter radicalisation and in the effectiveness of ‘Western’ strategies in countering the activities of adversaries.

17. Diane Allen

Di was a member of a team with Alex Finnen and Jon Hazell working on the development’s Concept of Employment (CONEMP) in the area of XXXX. Di has also worked extensively in the capability development arena with the Army’s 77 Brigade in building capacity. As the former commander of Specialist Group Military intelligence and having also been closely associated previously with the Land Information Assessment Group she has an extensive working knowledge of the subject matter concerned. In addition she has extensive experience as a trainer working both in the UK and in a range of hostile and semi-hostile environments. Di has particular experience of working with women’s groups in these areas or with groups containing a large percentage of women. She is a board member of the Scientific Exploration Society and travels widely both in Europe and beyond. A former Royal Signals Officer with operational experience she has been with the Intelligence Corps reserve for the last twenty years and is currently a Lt Col.

SGMI-HQ-Comd (Allen, Diane LtCol) E-mail:: [email protected]

18. Perry Fawcett

Perry has been and remains a director of a number of companies involved in marketing and new media. He is also a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police financial and organised crime unit and has worked for both them the Ministry of Defence and JNAC in the areas of financial crime. Along with Ian Cohen the tracking of money flows in support of adversary organisations has been a particular focus of this work. In addition to the links above Perry has a proven background in budgeting and budgetary control which will form a key part of the project proposals.

E-mail: [email protected]

19. Roger Golland

Roger was formerly Director Western Europe for a government agency. He was previously Director Training for the same institution and continues to undertake work in this area. Roger has extensive contacts across wider Europe and beyond and although an ‘outsider’ will be able to assist in bringing together the NGO and governmental communities in countries where it may be sensible to do so. He has a keen understanding of the adversaries methodologies and this experience will be invaluable.

E-mail: [email protected];

20. Col Jon Hazell (Ret);

21. Dr Steve Johnson

Steve is a lecturer in Cyber Communications and an expert in digital forensics at the Cranfield Forensic Unit running a nationally recognised MSc course in these areas. He in addition brings practical expertise in these areas in Afghanistan and elsewhere as well as useful overseas connections, being a visiting lecturer at Harvard.

22. Phil Jolley

Phil is currently an executive partner at IBM and the UK national lead on ‘Blockchain’ technologies. He is particularly interested in the development of algorithmic technologies and the roles of ‘Bots’ both in processing data and in the multiplication of data capacity. This falls out of his work examining the management of OSINT and the management and manipulation of large data. Phil is the UK MOD cluster leader for IBM and a member of the IBM Global Defence Board.

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

23. Ren Kapur MBE

Ren is the Director of X-Forces a UK non-profit organisation providing advice and support in the start-up of small business in the UK and elsewhere. She is an approved DTI finder for business start-ups and has so far loaned Ј10 million plus of funds on their behalf to over 1,100 start-ups with a 92% success and survival rate at the end of year one of trading. This is a figure which is way above the UK average. In addition to business start-up she is in a position to provide advice and training to NGOs on budgeting, legal compliance and a range of issues with which they need to comply in order to remain legal and to survive financially. These training packages, already developed also include a very successful package on fund-raising both in a local and international environment. Ren’s interest in Demobilisation, Disarmament and Resettlement (DDR) directly translates to some of the issues that will need to be addressed within this project.

E-mail: [email protected]

24. Professor Andrew Shortland FSA FGS

Andrew is Head of the Cranfield Forensic Unit (CFU). The CFU encompasses a wide range of activities including digital forensics and other internet based searching and identification techniques. It is also heavily engaged with such institutions as the Defence Geo-Spatial Intelligence Fusion Centre in developing location techniques for use in wide range of applications. As the sponsor for the forensic lead for the Grenfell Tower forensic recovery, the Madeleine McCann enquiry and other similar high profile investigations the CFU is well versed in dealing with the effects of new media and the need to ensure an accurate news feed both to new media such as Twitter and Facebook and to traditional media.

E-mail: [email protected]

25. Andy Settle VR FBCS MCMI

Andy leads the IBM (Europe) Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS). He has over 30 years of broad, detailed and technical expertise, across most aspects of cyber security. This expertise includes: security operations, threat intelligence, incident response, penetration testing and advanced threat & vulnerability research. He has worked within UK Critical National Infrastructure, Central Government Agencies as well as with NATO, Interpol, Europol and other national CERTs. He was previously the head of Thales UK’s Cyber Security Consultancy Practice and was also the Head of Raytheon/Websense’s Special Investigation Unit where he led and co-authored research on a variety of state-level threat actors.

Andy is chairman of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Security Researchers Information Exchange, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and has served as a British Army Specialist Reserve for over 13 years, currently with a focus on Cyber Security as part of a Specialist Intelligence Unit.

Andy Settle / tel:+447885260409 / E-mail: [email protected] / @iC3N1

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26. Andrew Wire

Maj A M Wire R SIGNALS | SO2 HDIS Specialist | Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI), 1 ISR Brigade | Room 7A, Denison Barracks, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks RG18 9TP | Mobile – 07974 578 789 | Email – [email protected] |

27. Stewart Carter

SSgt Stewart Carter | PSI | Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI) | Building 7a | Denison Barracks | Hermitage | Thatcham | Berkshire | RG18 9TP | Mil Tel 94231 4315 | Civ Tel 01635 204315 | Mil Fax 94231 4290

28. Andrew Rudd

SGMI-HDIS-SO1-Beh (Rudd, Andrew Lt Col)

E-mail: [email protected];

29. Heather Sharp

SGMI-HDIS-COS (Sharp, Heather Maj)

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

30. Steve Kennedy

SGMI-RTIS-CH (Kennedy, Steve Maj)

E-mail: [email protected];

31. Victoria Langston

SGMI-RTIS-COS (Langston, Victoria Capt)

E-mail: [email protected];

32. Christopher Morgan

SGMI-TISO-Ch (Morgan, Christopher Lt Col)

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

33. David Moss

SGMI-TISO-COS (Moss, David Capt)

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

34. Ken Cross

SGMI-HQ-SO1 Proj01 (Cross, Ken Lt Col);

35. Joseph Walker-Cousins

E-mail: [email protected];

36. Jonathan Githens Mazer

E-mail: [email protected];

37. Graeme Ford

Seinor Manager, Plenitude Consulting

E-mail: [email protected]

38. Stuart Glenister

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

39. George Ellis

Director, RedBlueAnalytics

E-mail: [email protected]

40. Harold Elletson

E-mail: [email protected];

41. Mark van Grondelle

E-mail: [email protected];

42. Chris Owen

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

43. Jeremy Ward

E-mail: [email protected];

44. Mark Harrison

E-mail: [email protected];

45. Timothy Clack

E-mail: [email protected];

46. Rogers

E-mail: [email protected];

47. Suzanna Joy

E-mail: [email protected];

48. Liam Morrissey

E-mail: [email protected];

49. Newall Hunter

50. Les Smith

E-mail: [email protected]

51. Neil Verral

E-mail: [email protected]

It’s highly unlikely that people from the list know what illegal network they are a part of. There’s also little hope that they are aware of the goals they are being used to achieve and the methods of achieving them.

In addition we publish another part of the documents which will enable you to estimate the scale of Donnelly and his cronies’ infiltration into the UK MOD:

– this is how SGMI agents are intertwined with the Integrity Initiative –

– handling officers of the Royal Navy –

– alarmist sentences –

– militarising the youth –

– how Donnelly planned to reform British strategic thinking –

– why he decided to reform it –

– after completing the papers he drew a conclusion the UK MOD was in decline –

– Ukraine ––alex-f-20160831appendix-a—indicators-and-warnings/000–alex-f-20160831appendix-a—indicators-and-warnings.pdf–alex-f-20160902visit-of-ukrainian-military-officers-to-uk-6/000–alex-f-20160902visit-of-ukrainian-military-officers-to-uk-6.pdf

– list of guests for another seminar –

– SGMI’s Ian Cohen reports on a meeting with Moscow Stock Exchange –

– some more Ian Cohen’s suggestions –

– a visit to Lithuania –

– the Institute for Statecraft working with Muslim communities –

You can download all files in a single archive.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.


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