As US Plans With Puppets to Destroy Venezuela, Russia CONFIRMS Strong Support for Maduro


MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian government has expressed its repudiation of the United States’ intention to create a parallel government in Venezuela.

“The blatant policy of Washington, which aims at an unconstitutional formation of alternative structures of government in Venezuela, is an attack open to that country’s sovereignty,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The strong reaction from Moscow comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contacted Venezuelan parliament leader Juan Guaidó on Thursday to “work together on a wide range of issues affecting Venezuela.”

Pompeo, director of the CIA until March 2018, had a telephone conversation with Guaidó after the oath of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for his second term.

Moscow also renewed its commitment to the citizenship and democratic authorities of the Latin American country.

“For our part, we reiterate our firm resolve to cooperate with the people and the legitimate government of Venezuela,” the agency said.

The body recalled that “President Maduro was re-elected in the elections on May 20, 2018, a vote that took place amidst strong foreign pressures that sought to prevent the participation of the country’s various political forces, including the opposition.” question the legitimacy of the will of the citizen. ”

“However, the last elections showed the inconsistency of these plans,” added the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Maduro won the elections with more than 67% of the votes, followed by the opposition Henri Falcón with 21%.

For the Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, Carlos Faria, Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration to hold his second presidential term was “a transcendental and historical event for Bolivarian Venezuela.”

The ambassador stressed that the ruling party displays a special force amidst foreign pressure never seen before any country.

The diplomat rejected the strategy of Venezuela’s “enemies” to bring about a change of government through measures designed to “demoralize” the people and make them lose faith in the path initiated by Hugo Chavez.

According to the diplomat, despite all sorts of “traps”, complicating the country’s access to food or medicines, as well as hampering international transactions and paralyzing the functioning of its most sensitive economic sectors, the ruling party continues to enjoy civic and military broad support. Faria stressed that, in the last elections, Nicolás Maduro obtained almost 70% of the votes.

The ambassador recalled that despite the pressures, the government has allies on the international stage. The Maduro inauguration event, held this Thursday, was attended by representatives of some 90 countries, including the leaders of Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua and South Ossetia, as well as representatives of important international organizations and official delegations of nations such as Russia and China.

Consulate on the rejection of some states and agencies, Carlos Faria said that it is an interference “in the decisions that are only up to the Venezuelan people and their legitimately elected government, which will have” a strong response under international law.

He stressed that Venezuela is always open to a respectful dialogue, while the language of threats is doomed to failure.

Regarding the “fundamental lines of action” of Nicolas Maduro’s government in his new term, Faria said that the focus will be on economic recovery and the preservation of “peace, democracy and the political project of the Bolivarian Revolution.”

In addition, he took it for granted that cooperation with international partners will continue to be strengthened, mentioning in particular Russia’s projects in sectors such as gas and oil, mining, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, as well as the technical-military field.

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