WASHINGTON DC, The United States of America – The US government has acknowledged the opposition MP and president of the Venezuelan National Assembly as interim president of the South American country, US President Donald Trump said in a statement.

“In its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people, the National Assembly invoked the country’s constitution to declare Nicolas Maduro illegitimate, and the office of the presidency therefore vacant,” President Donald Trump said in a statement. “The people of Venezuela have courageously spoken out against Maduro and his regime and demanded freedom and the rule of law.”

Guaidó was inaugurated minutes ago as acting president at a popular demonstration in the streets of Caracas and explained that his objectives are to end the “usurpation” of the presidency by Nicolás Maduro, install a transitional government and hold free elections.

Trump added that his country encourages other governments in the Western Hemisphere to recognize Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela.

The US president also said he will apply all US economic and diplomatic power to “Restore Venezuelan democracy.”

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, also recognized Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela.

“Our congratulations to Juan Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela, he has all our recognition to promote the country’s return to democracy,” Almagro wrote in his Twitter account.

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The head of the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Guaidó, swore to formally assume executive powers as president in charge of the country.

“Today, on January 23, 2019, I formally take the oath as president in charge of Venezuela,” the president of the National Assembly told thousands of Venezuelans in Caracas.

The parliamentarian said his objectives are: to install a transitional government, to end the “usurpation” of the presidency by Maduro and the holding of free elections.

“Now, Venezuelan brothers… we know that this is not personal, we know that this will have consequences, we know what is necessary to be able to remain on the streets of Venezuela until democracy is achieved, we will not allow this great movement of hope to be exhausted,” he added.

Minutes earlier, the Supreme Court of Justice requested the Public Prosecutor in writing to investigate the alleged criminal responsibility of members of the National Assembly for assuming powers of the Executive Branch.

Pro-government demonstrators dressed in red in support of Maduro were also marching in the capital, at times crossing paths with opposition protesters and shouting “sell outs” and “traitors.”

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