CAUGHT AGAIN: US Discovered Spying on Crimea


CRIMEA, Russia – A United States Air Force Global Hawk RQ-4B-30 spy drone held a reconnaissance mission along the Crimean coast on Monday, monitoring site PlaneRadar on Twitter said.

According to the portal, the UAV took off in the morning from the Sigonella airbase in Italy and headed to the demarcation line at Donbass. On the night of the same day, the air vehicle began a reconnaissance flight along the Russian Black Sea coast and approached the coast in the region of Sevastopol, at a distance of 33 kilometers. Finally, at 11 o’clock Moscow time, the drone went to the original aerodrome.

The strategic reconnaissance drone Global Hawk RQ-4B-30 United States Air Force, number # UAVGH000, took off from the air base of Sigonella, entered Ukrainian airspace and headed for the line of demarcation in Donbass.

On the same day, an antisubmarine and reconnaissance aircraft of the US Navy, a Boeing P-8A Poseidon, was also seen near the Crimean coast. She completed the mission at 10:50 pm Moscow time.

Recently, the activity of reconnaissance aircraft and foreign drones near the borders of Russia has increased. These aircraft were sighted both in the Crimea region and Krasnodar, as well as near the western borders of the country.

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The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly called on Washington to abandon such operations, but the Pentagon refuses to do so.

This discovery comes as the amphibious American assault ship, USS Fort McHenry, arrived at the Romanian port of Constanta yesterday, where it will remain for three days to carry out joint military exercises with a Romanian frigate in the international waters of the Black Sea.

The exercises are being prepared to take place on January 10, according to the Romanian Navy released Monday.

“Between January 7 and 10, the amphibious assault ship, USS Fort McHenry (LSD-43), will be visiting the port of Constanta and will stay for three days on the passenger jetty.After leaving the port on Thursday , January 10, the USS Fort McHenry and the frigate Regele Ferdinand (Romania) will conduct joint exercises in Romania’s territorial waters and in the international waters of the Black Sea,” the statement from the Romanian Navy said.

The Romanian General Staff stressed that during the visit the representatives of the North American vessel will meet with the command of the Romanian fleet and the detachment of soldiers of the 307th Marine Battalion will pay a visit to the US military vessel.

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