CAUGHT OUT: US Air Reconnaissance Found SPYING on Russian base in Syria


LATAKIA, Syria – A US aircraft flew for two hours near a Russian Air Force base in Syria.

A US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon conducted a reconnaissance flight near the Russian military base in Hmeimim, Syria, according to the Twitter account of IntelSky.

According to the tweet published on Friday, the American aircraft spent about two hours near the coast of Syria, with several approaches to Hmeimim in Syria’s Latakia province, where a base of the Russian Air Force is located.

According to IntelSky, Poseidon took off at Sigonella Naval Air Station, located in Sicily, Italy, and flew at an altitude of approximately 4,700 meters.

Recently, foreign military intelligence has increased operations on Russian borders. Airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles were recently detected near the Krasnodar Krai in the Crimea and the western borders of the country.

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Last week, a US Boeing RC-135V conducted a similar reconnaissance operation, spending about three hours near the Crimean coast. In the early days of December, both a Poseidon and a Global Hawk RQ-4B drone flew over the Russian Black Sea coast.

In early November, the Russian Air Force intercepted a US reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea, sparking a traditional backlash from the US military, which it called the “unsafe” intercept. The US claims that one of its planes was intercepted in the Black Sea by a Russian hunt of “insecure way”.

The US Navy also noted that the actions of the Su-27 fighter back in November caused turbulence and vibrations for the spy plane crew.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense back in November, Russian air traffic control detected an unidentified target on the neutral waters of the Black Sea. A Su-27 fighter approached the North American plane at a safe distance and accompanied it, not allowing the violation of the Russian borders.

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