China DEFENDS Russia, Blasts US Cold War Mentality


BEIJING, China – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has spoken out against the publication of the new US National Intelligence Strategy, in which China and Russia are referred to as “adversary” countries against the US.

“We have taken note of the wording that [the United States] mentioned in the updated version of the US National Intelligence Strategy, which has just been published in the United States. The United States has issued a series of reports, which present unfounded accusations against Russia and China,” said Hua Chunying, a ministry spokesman in a statement.

Chunying urged the United States to make further efforts to strengthen mutual trust between the two countries and maintain international peace and stability, as well as urging Washington to abandon the Cold War mentality.

According to the spokeswoman, Beijing has joined the path of peaceful development, with a policy of defensive nature.

The updated US National Intelligence Strategy was published on January 22 stating that multiple opponents continued to seek opportunities to inflict potentially catastrophic damage to US interests through the acquisition and use of weapons of mass destruction, including biological weapons, chemical and nuclear.

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The document, the first of its kind since 2010, the highlighted the new US Missile Defense Review of 2019, in addition to emphasizing potential US opponents in the ballistic missile sector.

The report calls for an additional study of several missile defense concepts, including the deployment of a satellite network with laser space facilities, which could improve warning systems to track missiles before they are launched or intercepted immediately after launch.

The Pentagon did not publish that document last year because of Trump’s attempts to persuade North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons. The publication of this report would have jeopardized the negotiations with Pyongyang.

The creation of hypersonic weapons without similar analogues in other countries was announced in 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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