China-Russia Alliance is ‘Nightmare’ for US


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The biggest threat to the United States is the growing cooperation between Russia and China. Such a union can become a true “American nightmare,” warn experts from the National Interest Center.

According to experts, quoted by The National Interest magazine, Washington makes a very serious mistake by underestimating the ever closer cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. It is also noted that the United States lost its advantage in the second half of the Cold War when its individual relations with the USSR and China were significantly better than between Moscow and Beijing.

However, analysts emphasize that, despite good relations between Russia and China, it is not an official alliance between the two countries at present. According to US experts, Beijing remains concerned that an alliance with Moscow could weaken economic cooperation with Washington.

On the other hand, China has an extremely positive motivation to deepen economic cooperation with Russia, but will not take steps to protect Moscow from pressure from the West, such as completely switching to financial transactions in national currencies.

The edition recalls the words of the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, who said that it is more advantageous for China to work with Russia and other countries in order to accelerate the creation of a multipolar world, instead of being constantly with Moscow in a bipolar conflict with Washington.

It is noted that over a long period of time American analysts skeptically considered the possibility of deep cooperation between Russia and China. However, the United States has unconsciously adopted measures that have only approached Moscow and Beijing. How to respond to such a rapprochement is now a “complicated question” for Washington, writes the magazine.

The article concludes, explaining that: “Regrettably, the costs of America’s inability to think strategically have been all too predictable, the foremost of which is an increasingly close alignment between Russia and China.”

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