Chinese Pilots Describe Russian Su-35 as ‘4th Generation Fighter King’


BEIJING, China – The Chinese Air Force, which owns Russian Su-35 fighters in its squad, is making preparations to participate in international maneuvers.

However, because the Chinese Air Forces have Fifth Generation J-20 aircraft made in China, some Chinese experts have criticized the use of advanced Russian production aircraft.

In a rejoinder to these allegations, Chinese pilots questioned the professionalism of the analysts and said they have no problems with the Russian fighter aircraft, in addition to emphasizing that the experts are not aware of the technical capabilities of the Su-35, nor of the missions that will be fulfilled .

The pilots still point out that the comparison between the Su-35 and J-20 is not valid, since they are fighters of different classes and for different purposes.

An article published in China Military highlighted the opinion of the Chinese pilots leading the Su-35.

“Chinese pilots consider the Su-35 to be the king of fourth-generation fighters,” the media wrote.

Due to its characteristics, the Su-35 belongs to the 4+ generation and is close to fifth generation fighters, except for stealth technology and active stage antenna radar, this Russian fighter meets most of the requirements of the fifth generation of aircraft.

China continues to focus on its fighters, with the fifth-generation J-20 dominating the production line since it entered service in March 2017.

The estimate is that about 100 elite fighters are already ready. The J-20 is a fifth-generation Chinese fighter, an analogue of the American F-22 Raptor, in addition, it is one of three fighters that are part of the People’s Liberation Army.

China has 4 + generation J-10C light and J-16, an aircraft that resembles the fifth generation J-20 fighter, due to electronic warfare systems, avionics and advanced weapon systems , according to Military Watch magazine .

With this potential, China demonstrates that it is investing a large sum to strengthen its defense and fight against any threats around its territory. In this way, it is estimated that the Chinese are expected to surpass US forces, which produced around 90 F-35 units in 2018.

In addition, due to the mass production of J-20s, the People’s Liberation Army has begun a large-scale recruitment campaign to train the next generation of pilots. So much so that recruitment occurs in 31 of the 33 administrative areas of the provinces, this shows that J-20 fighters are being produced on a considerable scale.

Something that stands out in the Chinese Army is precisely the ability to produce large-scale quality munitions, demonstrating ability to produce high-tech equipment as well as financing mass production of fifth generation J-20 fighters.

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